Symptoms Or No Sysptoms Preg Or No Preg

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mzinfamousday - February 1

Okay, I am TOTALLY confused! November I missed my period (I thought it was stress) then I got it in December on Christmas (bf was PISSED) then I missed this month and I've been experiencing symptoms(or so I think). Anyway, I took a test and it was negative but that was the first day I missed my period. I haven't taken one recently but I'm going to the free clinic on Monday. Anyway, if I'm pregnant, the online pregnancy calendars tell me I'm 5wk pregnant. I've been experiencing symptoms like being tired all the time. I noticed I was snapping on my boyfriend 24/7. We dont' have s_x as much because him touching me irritates the HELL out of me. I get nausea and I'm hungry all the time, like I'll eat and about 1 hr later I'm hungry. My nose is majorly stopped up, and I pee all the time. I might've missed the spotting or I just didn't have it but something's definately going on. I get hunger pains in my stomach that don't quit! Please someone help me and tell me what your symptoms were when you got pregnant and were 5 wks. Also, last night I tried to sleep on my left side and it was SO that natural? I really want a baby, REALLY BAD! I'm kinda jealous because every where I look someone has a baby, even young girls who aren't trying to get pregnant, so I ask myself, what do I need that they have....some one please answer my questions.


Swashey - February 1

The only symptom I had at 5 wks was nausea and peeing alot. My left side is the most comfortable and I have not snapped on anybody. I would say the best thing to do is take a test. I took one at 5 wks and it came back positive so thats long enough unless your dates are off.


Saird - February 1

Yes, definitely take a test. If you are not pregnant and want to be, and it seems you have had irregular cycles, you might want to start charting your BBT. A good site is Good luck!


mzinfamousday - February 10

I REALLY NEED HELP WITH THIS! I went to the clinic and the test was negative but I still haven't gotten my period. That's very unusual. Please if someone had the same situation or know someone who did, please tell me the outcome.


BeckyBunny - February 10

I am 5 weeks right now, and I tell you, those symptoms are mine as well. ALWAYS hungry, but when I think of (most) food it makes me want to puke. I am always SO tired, but I can never get comfy to go to sleep. Even though I am only 5 weeks, my pants are tighter, it is slightly uncomfortable to bend over, and I get cramps and twinges in my uterus. My nipples go from just being really sensitive to really hurting, I pee 3 times as much as I would normally. I did NOT have implantation bleeding with this pregnancy. Not everyone experiences it, and not all pregnancies are the same. I don't have any s_x drive, but that's partially because I am so worried about the possibility of miscarrying again. I have certainly FELT like snapping on some people, most particularly my OB....and someone else today, I can't even remember who or why. Pregnancy ate my brain. I forget everything. Good luck. That's all I can think of right now, I really have to pee and it's distracting me.



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