Symptoms Vary From Day To Day

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Linda - October 17

Do your symptoms vary from day to day? Some days I feel better than others (less tired, fewer headaches, etc.) Today I feel pretty good and I wondered if others have days where they feel better than others.


Ann - October 17

Hi Linda, I find that my symptoms do vary from day to day. Last weekend I threw up everything I ate and today I feel queasy, but ok. I tend to have a few good days and then a few awful days. On my first appt. to my doc's, I had no symptoms yet. SHe said not to worry if one day I felt awful and the next I was fine. She said it was my body trying to regulate the hormones. I guess you get a surge and then when they level out your feel better, until the next dredded batch. First it did worry me a bit. But we saw a strong heartbeat at 7weeks, so now I am just learning to appreciate and take advantage of the good days! Lot of luck to you!


Linda - October 31

Thanks for the rea__surance... I'm still in the same boat. For a few days I felt awful (tired, stomach rather iffy) and for the past few I've felt much better. I'm hoping everything is fine and that hormones are just strange things. I'm almost to 10 weeks, and some books say these are the worst weeks (9-12) but others say that symptoms start to lessen. Which is it?


Maria - October 31

I am going into my 9th week and just yesterday was I naseous all day long, it was awful. Previously the feeling would come then go and I would feel okay, but now it is terrible. The smell of fried food ect... make me even more naseous. The other day I was eating everything in site and the last 2 days I am trying to eat to not feel sick. Oh do I wish this feeling would subside, I guess I am stuck with it for the rest of the first trimester :-(


JK - November 1

I have been sick since I was 6 weeks. My symptoms were THE worst in weeks 8-9. Now Im 11 weeks and I feel good for a few days and then Im miserable for a few. I cant wait until the 'morning' sickness is gone for good. Ive lost 11 pounds already. (I was a little heavy to start) Sometimes I wonder if its twins Ive been sick so much!!


mj - November 2

I am at the beginning of my 10th week, and my symptoms got really bad in the 8th and 9th weeks. I was OK in the 6th week. the 7th week it was back and forth. Today I am feeling OK, but I am wondering if it will last. I know i only have 3 or 4 more weeks until I'm out of the first trimester. I have not vomited, but have really really bad nausea, and very tired.



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