Taking Alli And Acai

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orim88 - October 14

im about 4- 5 weeks i guess and i take alli and acai supplements along with fish oil and galic and prenatal , ive always taken prenatals, but my question is abou the alli and the acai, of course every kind of thing you take it always says consult a dr b4 taking idf PG or nursing well i cannot get to the dr yet and wondered if any one else takes these things, the alli i kinda stopped cuz the olny thing it does do is blocks the absorbtion of fat so i dont really eat that much fat but the nutrients i want for the baby, the whole reason i am talking these was to get a a good weight b4 pregancy , which im turn happend sooner than expected, im not overweight really im 5 10 180 , i wanted to get to like 165 b4 PG, but now im in a panic, anywho someone please if you take these and dr says its ok to keep taking them id love to hear from you < Even if you have info on these thanks a bunch


mjvdec01 - October 15

You really need to stop taking everything but prescribed meds and prenatals. I am glad to hear that you have stopped takinmg the alli already. Don't worry about getting down to a certain weight before pregnancy. It really doesn't matter. Eat healthy and stay active. Get a gym membership and set an appointment with a personal trainer who can set you up on program that is suited and safe for pregnancy. It seems that there is never a perfect time to get pregnant. Don't be bothered that you weren't at your ideal weight beforehand. Congratulations by the way! Is this your first child? We have a daughter who will be three in February, and our son will be three months tomorrow.


orim88 - October 15

ya i quit with the acai i only took it like 3 days b4 i found out which was a week ago i dont know why i am really worried about it other than its so early and weighing alot i dont look like i weigh as wuch as i do i wear a 10-12 , so figure the weigh ins at dr apt i hate them by the 6th month I GET HUGE baby wise FAST , this is my lucky number 6, i have a 16 and 11 live with there dad and with my husband now we have 2 boys 7,6 and a lil girl that will be 2 this dec. she was a premie so im kinda freaking out , about EVERYTHING :)


mjvdec01 - October 16

You sure have your hands full! I thought I was busy. If you are 5' 10" and a size 10-12, you are doing great. I had our little man three months ago, and I am 5' 6" and 170. So far I have lost 45 pounds. I am at the gym atleast 5 days a week. My goal is to get down to atleast 150 by February. Some girlfriends and I are going to Vegas and I refuse to be the " fat friend ". Honestly, don't worry about the weight. Do what you can to keep it under control while you are pregnant, and then focus on getting down to your ideal weight after you recover from the birth.


orim88 - October 16

i know i always get back pretty fast but its just going to the dr for the final weigh ins that all like pretty muchwith all my kids i weighed at delivery around 230 BUT my wonder lil premie born at 33 weeks and weighed 4.8 i weighed 238!!!!!! but honestly i was all stomach i guess i really dont care how much i weigh but after i want it to go away faster ya know, i think ill go ahead and ask the dr to give me a "mommy tuck" haha i wish


Emma255 - May 24

Acai Berry Tablets - track.moreniche.com/hit.php?w=168081&s=148 I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.



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