Taking Husband To Dr Apt

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J - April 4

Last week, I went to my first dr's apt at 9 weeks and was able to see the kid and heart beating w/vag ultra sound. Dr said at next apt, we'd be able to hear the heart beat. My question is, has anyone brought their husband in with them? Is that "kosher"? And does the dr. use a vag u/sound to hear heart beat or is some other device used? I'd like my husband to be able to see the ultrasound rather than just look at the print out, but i don't know if that's weird.


jb - April 4

It is absolutely normal for your husband to come along. I went for my 1st ultrasound at 8 weeks, with my husband. We found out together we where having twins and that the hearbeats where at 167 and 162. Very strong. With my first pregnancy he enjoyed coming and wouldn't miss it for the world. I think he is doing the same with this pregnancy! It is also great for support.


D - April 4

My husband has come to EVERY appointment since I took the HPT. I don't think I could keep him away! :) He always said he'd be embara__sed to see the doc do the pelvic exam, etc, but he was so funny - when it came down to it, he was so curious about what they do - it was actually my easiest pap yet.... (I loathe them) I was so busy laughing at him, it was over before I really noticed. I think it makes it really special to have both of the parents there. He was so happy to see the baby moving last u/s. My doc had to use the u/s on the belly my 9w6d visit, because my fibroid blocked the view from the vag u/s. We could see everything just fine!


RG - April 4

My husband has 2 daughters from a previous marriage and he is adoment that he will be at all appts...even those everyother week, go in take your pants off, check cervix and leave appts! :) He's so excited. I don't think when his wife was pregnant with the first that he was included because they were pregnant before married and got married because she was pg. He's so excitied and I'm like "D" I don't think I can keep him away. Do include him...he'll enjoy learing what all this is about! Best of luck


J - April 4

Okay, thanks! Second part of question: when they say they'll hear the heartbeat on teh next visit, is that with v____al u/sound or something else?


Misty - April 4

With my first pregnancy they used like a doppler or whatever it is called and they put it on top of my belly and moved it around to find the heartbeat and listen to it. Matter of fact, with my first pregnancy he never used a v____al ultrasound at all.


RG - April 5

It's a doplar they use to hear the heartbeat...you cannot hear on the v____al ones unless they have a microphone in the ultrasound (that's what I've heard). Anyways...the doplar is just like the ultrasound, except you hear not see.


SONDRA - April 5



CB - April 6

My husband wants to come to the dr with me but not in the room-I think he's a little freaked out-first pregnancy. Is it ok for him to sit in the waiting room. I will be 9 weeks on Friday-Will dr's be able to maybe just call him in for u/s but not whole exam?


RG - April 7

CB--my hubby went with me...but when they did the u/s I was in a room set up for them to do u/s. When they were done I got dressed and then went to see the doctor and she did the whole pap smear etc. You should be able to call and ask them how they do the u/s then dr appt....he should definitely go into the u/s. I wouldn't let him miss it for the world! Good Luck!


Kristi - April 7

CB-My husband was the same way. He really wasn't too crazy about going to the 1st ultrasound because it was v____al. I made him go anyway. After seeing the baby and getting to hear its heart beat, he wouldn't have missed it for the world.


Kristi - April 7

P.S. We were able to hear the heartbeat with the v____al ultrasound. Not sure though if every office's ultrasound machine can pick it up through. My dr.'s office has the 3D and 4D ultrasound machine.


J - April 7

You should do what makes you comfortable. But, without question, your doctor will be using the doppler (on your belly) to check the heart by your next appointment. They will not do v____al ultrasounds anymore unless they have some concerns, there is no need. Congratulations!


Mythili - April 7

I went in for my first ultrasound yesterday @ 8 weeks 4 days pregnancy. OFCOURSE MY HUBBY CAME ALONG. We saw the heart beat and everything it was so cool


Mag - April 7

I'm going to be 6wks based on my LMP. However, my first dr's visit won't be until 5/4 (which is almost 10 wks). My understanding is that I should be able to hear the heart beat and seeing the fetal pole at that time via the us. But, when do people usuallly get to find out the gender of the baby?


L - April 7

My doctor did a v____al ultrasound instead of using a dopler, and there were not any problems or concerns. It just helps them determine if your due date is correct. My doctor did this at 6 weeks. The v____al ultrasound is not as bad as it sounds though. It is really not even as worse as having a pap done. I stressed at first but after I got there, it was so easy and wasn't uncomfortable at all.


Jena - April 8

L - thank you - I have my first on Tuesday and I was kind of worried about it...



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