Tap Water Vs Bottled Water

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missy - December 9

is it ok to drink tap water or does it have to be bottled?


To Missy - December 9

Most bottled water doesn't have fluoride in it. (according to my dr.) Having this is important. I try to have an even balance, and always drink tap water from a brita filter. That's just me.


to "to" - December 9

a lot of tap water doesn't have flouride in it either ( my city does not add it), but your toothpaste does!


missy - December 9

so we need the fluoride in tap water?


Steph - December 9

That's kind of iffy. Some people (dentists) say that having flouride in the water greatly benefits people,and others say that it does not. Your city will vote on whether or not fluoride is to be put in the water...in my city it failed. Hope this helps.


mama-beans - December 9

Many cities add it to the tap water because it is something we need, and the refining process can take out what naturally may have been there. We just need flouride, but if you brush your teeth with regular toothpaste, you are getting your flouride there. The biggest hurdle comes when your infant, who can't brush their teeth and shouldn't be given toothpaste till they can spit it out ( mid toddler years) needs the flouride. In the US, if it isn't in the water, your ped will prescribe it to you or you can buy bottled water with flouride added.


Cabbie - December 9

I found this to be pretty much be what my obgyn told me: http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/pregnancy/pregnancynutrition/674.html


Cabbie - December 9

Sorry, ended the above message too soon. Hope this helps.


Cabbie - December 9

Good grief, can't get this down. Anyway, the way my dr talked about it, it is important for the growing baby in its tooth bud development. Sounds like other drs may think differently. I don't know. All I can tell you is with each pregnancy, the dr has mentioned (sixth pregnancy with two children).



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