Tell Me Your Preganacy Stories

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pinkie - March 26

My question is specifically about bleeding but I also would like any input on signs syptoms and experieces when you first found out you were pregnant. Did anyone have implantation bleeding? If so what did it look like, how long did it last, how heavy was it, and what color.? Everyone else, what was the first indication you were pregnant, when did it occur and how did you react?


mandee25 - March 26

I am 6w 2d pregnant and the first sign I noticed was my period was late and that is rare for me so I waited 6 days before I did a hpt and it was POSITIVE! I did a second hpt the next morning and it took less than a minute for the second line to appear and it was much darker. Nausea, food aversions, sore b___bs were also very early signs that I had.I have had no implantation bleeding of any kind. My reaction to discovering I was pregnant was DISBELIEF because my husband and I only ttc for a month. But I am very happy that it happened but a little scared.


emilymalm - March 26

I'm 11wk 1d and by the time my period was 2 days late, I was already feeling queezy and had constant tension headaches, and didn't like sweet food any more, which is not normal for me at all. I took a pregnancy test and it turned positive immediately and the extra line was very dark. I did have some extremely light pink spotting once at week 6 and week 8. I had been off of the pill for less than 2 mos so I was completely shocked when I realized I was pregnant. My partner was also quite shocked, but our surprise quickly turned to happiness. We hadn't planned to start a family yet, but now's as good as time as ever. During the week I found out, I had some pains on my right side that I felt off and on for about 2 days.


Shandy - March 28

I am 10 weeks now, I had implantation bleeding at 8 dpo. I woke up that night drenched in sweat and when I went to the bathroom there were a few red drops, nothing more after that. We had tried before and I had a m/c on Christmas day. My husband was really excited the first time, but when I took the test to confirm this preg he seems to be in disbelief, I think he doesnt want to hurt again, it was a painful experience. Its kind of something not talked about until we get past the stage of having another m/c. This time around I have had "super" preg symptoms and my blood work is really good so I think everything will be okay with this one :-)



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