Tell Your Valentine S Day Story Here

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ginger6363 - February 15

So, yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I had to share my best Valentine’s Day gift ever! Dh came home after work and had me go upstairs and wait while he got things “ready.” Finally, after about five minutes John called me downstairs. There, on the dining room table he had a beautiful meal he had ordered and picked up especially for the night. There was my favorite Chinese dish and a decadent Godiva chocolate cake for two. Dh, sweety that he is, picked both dishes up from exclusive specialty restaurants because he wanted me have a nice Valentine’s dinner, but didn’t want me to have fight crowds to get in a restaurant. The best part of the night, by far was the gift exchange: After a very secretive, “wait right here” dh brought out a card and a gift bag. From him, I received a very sweet Valentine’s Day card and as he passed me the bag he said, “This is from an admirer, with a little help from me.” I wasn’t sure what he meant, but I opened the bag to find a card with his handwriting on it, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom!” The card was from the baby! And inside the bag was a bib that said “I love my mommy,” a rubber duckie bath thermometer, and a set of pacifiers and a pacifier clip. Dh had went out and purchased Valentine’s Day gift to me from the baby. I was so touched, I started crying right then and there. I can’t believe I am so lucky to be married to such a great man!


kstill - February 15

Girl, you've got a GOOD man!! That's so thoughtful! You are a very lucky girl. I wish I had a sweet romantic story to tell ya....but I don't. I got a huge frog that says "Toadally in Luv", some cheap houseshoes (actually pretty comfortable) and some stinky candles. An engagement ring would've been better since I was suppose to get one 4 Christmas and didn't....but oh well. Good things come to those who wait I guess!! Anyways, cherish your husband because there are VERY FEW men out there that would put that much time and thought into a gift. That's AWESOME!! Hey, I think we are both due in Sept. right?! I thought I saw u on the Sept mommies section. Good luck to you and I'm sure we'll talk soon!!


ChattyKathy - February 15

My boyfriend and I were having relationship issues over the weekend. We worked them out on monday and the next day he told me we wouldn't be able to do anything for V-day because of finances (we live apart at the moment). I said that was fine because I was just happy to have him and didn't expect anything after what happened, anyway. Well, he surprised me by visiting me with a box of chocolates =) Not quite as romantic as your story (I was tearing up!) but its good enough for me!


zerfowski05 - February 15

Ya so, I worked until 1 am then drove an hour home. Lucky me, on the dresser were orange roses, the kind you find on grandmas casket, and they looked like maybe they were the last ones he could find at Wal-mart...a little dead...a little lop sided, ( oh, and he was asleep), a bag of candy ( knowing I can hardly eat at all right now), and some cheesy card about s_x...ahhhh and the sweet sounds of him snoring to help me sleep. Pretty much the same thing I've gotten for the past 6 yrs. Anyway, I'm 8 weeks today with our first. Due like Sept 28th but you can find me in the October babies! Good luck everyone!


ginger6363 - February 15

Thanks for sharing your stories, ladies. I loved the "Toadally in Luv" and "Grandma's casket" orange roses. And Chatty, it was nice to have a chocolate suprise---you can't beat chocolate! It's the thought that counts, at least they did something for us!



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