Telling Boss I M Pregnant

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Lucym - January 25

I found out I was pregnant last month (very surprised as only just got married in October and was on the pill!) and just started a new job in October too. I'm about 8 weeks now and really struggling with tiredness and sickness (at the weekends I could sleep all day AND all night if I could!). I haven't said anything to my boss yet as I'm still trying to make a good impression. How long should I leave it before telling him I'm pregnant? I'm worried how he might react as we are a small team. And when do you stop feeling exhausted all the time?!


Steph - January 25

I would try and wait until you are 12 weeks or so. When you do tell, you should make sure that you have a plan as to how long you are going to be off of work and when you come back if you are going to work your regular schedule. Usually if you have some sort of a plan in mind, it doesn't stress them out as much. Especially if they don't want to loose you as an employee! Good luck to you.


krc - January 25

I was about 6 weeks pregnant when I started my job and now im 13 weeks and still haven't said anything ! lol , I dont know why..maybe because my supervisor is 6 months. Plus I work with 8 other women and I dont want to direct attention to me. I kinda like being the " keep to herself new girl " . Im gonna wait till im showing and if says says..oh, I didn't know you were pregnant, im just gonna say...yeah I am !! Plus im quitting when im 8 months and I dont want them to know that yet because im gonna quit while my supervisor is still on maternity leave.


Tess - January 25

I was 5 wks along when I found out I was pg plus I was at work when I found out. *smilez* I told my boss that I was pg when I was 11-12 wks pg and now Im 24 wks pg and definitely I have a bun in the oven :)


carol23 - January 25

I was so excited when i found out that i told everybody. INCLUDING my boss. BIG MISTAKE! I should have waited until i start showing. I applied for a full time position where i currently work (i'm only part time but work 40 hours anyway except i don't get the benefits of being full time which is COMPLETE b/s.) and i strongly believe that the outcome had something to do with my being pregnant because i didn't get the job. IT's stupid because i do the same job as the 40 hour position and i've been there over a year and they gave it some other lady who has NEVER worked with money.


SuzieQ - January 25

Definitely wait until after 12 weeks! Not only to 'make sure' (sorry) everything's ok, but they simply don't need to know yet. I'm close with my co-workers, but I'm not saying a thing until after 12-14 weeks. (I've also had 2 m/c's so still kinda paranoid to be honest....) Best Wishes


newmommy - January 25

My husband and I just moved, and I just found out that I'm 8 weeks pregnant. I am currently looking for a job, but am afraid to get a job only to tell them a few weeks later that I'm pregnant. I don't want them to feel badly about hiring me or feeling like I was dishonest. Anyone else going through this???


Lucym - January 26

Thanks that sounds like a plan to wait until 12 wks. I have a scan in 3 weeks time so I'll let you know. Good job I work from home, as I can't stop being sick! Think they'd definitely notice something was up if I was in an office!


Karen_Fletcher - January 26

i told my boss at 6 weeks and made some c___p up about respecting them, and sed if i respected and was open with them, then i would be able to be honest if i needed time off work for appts/sickness etc, it worked, so it might pay just to be open with the boss, it wont go further cos they are not allowed to tell anyone, but i can understand wanting to wait til 12wks, but then if something went wrong (god forbid) and you ahd to take time off, i would hate to have to explain it all, but thats just me!!!! Good luck :o)



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