Telling Family

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lucy - November 15

How early can you start telling your family & friends your pregnant??? I am 5 weeks.


Jenn - November 15

I recommend telling people early. Its a personal decision, of course. But I recently suffered a miscarriage - at about 9 weeks - and I was glad that I had told everyone about the baby before hand. Since all my friends and family knew about the pregnancy, they were all aware of the loss & I didn't have to suffer alone. The amount of support I received from everyone has been very helpful. Telling people has helped me to know that my pregnancy was real, that I suffered a real loss, and that its ok to mourn that loss. I hope you never have to go through the horror of a m/c, but if the fear of a m/c is the reason that you would hesitate to tell people, I would discourage you from keeping your wonderful news a secret. Good luck !!


Christine - November 15

I told my family as soon as I found out as personal choice though...good luck.


Janet - November 15

I told everyone as soon as I found out. I could not keep my mouth shut no matter how hard I tried.


E - November 15

I stopped telling people so early after repeated miscarriages. I lost the first two and it was hard to call people and tell them there was no baby anymore. The third is a success and we told our parents right away and everyone else at the 12 week mark. If you don't mind telling people if you lose the baby, then tell them whenever you like. Happy pregnancy:)


Claudia - November 15

Congrats! In August, I found out I was pregnant and we told our parents and a few close friends. Three days after we told them, I suffered a miscarriage. Luckily I am now 6 weeks along again. We're only telling our parents until we hit that 12 week mark and just praying everything goes well.


emma - November 16

My partner and I told everyone as soon as the pregnancy was confirmed by blood test. Am only 3 weeks but we are just sooo excited.


Audrey - November 16

When you tell people is a matter of preference. I am 11 weeks with my first but my husband and I are waiting until I see my doctor and confirming that everything is going fine before we tell the family.


Bryan - November 16

Jenn, Thanks for that information. That is a new way of looking at things. My wife and I were going to wait and tell our parents after we heard the heart beat. She is currently 7 weeks along. But, if something were to happen, that would mean only my wife and I know of our suddering. Sometimes it does help to be surrounded by loved ones during this time.



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