Telling Family You Re Pregnant Any Fun Suggestions

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Cheryl - February 24

My husband and I haven't told anyone we are pregnant yet. I was just wondering when other people told family and friends and how. Please share your stories. This will be the first grandchild on all sides and I want to make it special when we tell our family. Any suggestions.


nica - February 25

i told them almost as soon as i knew, like at 5 weeks! who here doesn't tell until 3 months?


kay - February 25

I found a fun suggestion on the net which I tried at 8 weeks because it coincided with Xmas. I got everyone together for a group photo, and then just as I was about to take the photo, I said "I'm pregnant" so I could get a photo of the reaction. Unfortunately they thought I was just trying to get their attention and kept just smiling for the camera. I had to tell them again before they would believe me and then I got a good shot. Unfortunately, I lost the baby in mid January - I suppose that's why you're supposed to wait 3 months - but hey, they are family so they were going to find out anyway, I guess.


: ) - February 25

My husband and I live far from all our relatives. We traveled home for Thanksgiving and surprised our entire family at 5 1/2 months pregnant. Boy, was it a fun and festive holiday!


PP - February 25

We got my husbands family t shirts for x-mas. We are the first grandchild and also the first great grandchild for them. His grand father looked at the shirt and said great grandpa with a strange look and and then told us it was printed wrong. It took him a while but it was worth it.


hrd - February 25

We were very excited and couldn't go for any well planned or elaborate means of sharing our news. I went to Wal-Mart and bought the bibs that said I love my g-ma and I love my g-pa. I wrapped them in gift bags and videoed the whole thing. It was simple but being able to record it and watching them figure out exactly what was going on was priceless......whatever you do will be special. GOOD LUCK:)


Congrats!!! - February 26

With a cake.... Surprise I'm Pregnant!


Teri - February 26

How about making mini-Easter Baskets for everyone and include a personalized bib..."I love Grandma" - "World's Best Aunt" - etc. and include baby themed chocolates?


charlotte - February 28

sending copys of the scan photos, with a note saying hello grandma.... or peek a boo


mel - March 1

I live in california, My aunt lives in michigan, I have a digital camera so I took a picture of my first response home pregnancy test and sent it to her in an E-mail and I typed "Guess What?" in the subject box...she called me as soon as she got it and she was so suprised I told her that way.


stephanie - March 1

To Mel I love that one!!! Do you mind if I use??? Please :) Please :) Please :)


mel - March 2

lol.. i did have a lot of fun with that, waiting for my aunt to call was torture and I knew she would be so excited...please use it! the only thing I probably would have done different was call her cell phone and have her get online and check her mail with me on the phone so I could hear her reaction just as she saw the pic... :-)


D - March 2

I made up this little calendar with just the names of the months and a picture for each. You know, snow for January, etc. For October, I put a stork. Then we emailed it to the folks (we live a good 2500 miles from home...). It took a bit for my dad to figure it out, he stopped looking at it when he got to August. But everyone else figured it out pretty quick.


cantwait - March 3

we have a 10 year old - we told him of course by giving him a shirt that says "I'm going to be a BIG brother" we see my husbans family this week and asked him to wear his shirt so he feels he has a part in the pregnancy and announcements - to tell my friends we were out one night and gave them a big choc. chip cookie that said "pink or blue...we'll have to wait and see"


leslie - March 4

ohhh...I wish my family would react the same way all this very sweet stories end, but unfortunatley I know they won't be very happy about it, I can't help to be a little jelous...Good Luck to you all!! :)


stephanie - March 4

To Mel Thank You I will do that! Thanx again. Also to cantwait I really liked your idea for the big sibblings. My children are 12 and 10 and this will be perfect for them. Thank You so much. Your great ideas have helped so very much!!! Steph


haley - March 5

I waited until after my 1st dr appt so I knew everything was going alright. I am 10 weeks. My mom is the creative one. My birthday is March 14, so she made a Birthday puzzle and sent it out to all family on e-mail. it had 20 questions about me, my fiance, and family. Out of the answers certain letters were used. At the very end it said "Some who are not will be grand, others who are grand will become great, but for now haley consumes lots of saltines." Once everyone came up with the answer they called or e-mailed back. We've been getting replies all night. It was a major hit!



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