Telling In Laws Anyone Else Want To Share

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socalmom - January 24

Hi everyone my name is Gina, DH is Darrell and we are expecting our 2nd child DD is 3 years old. I am 5w5d and I have my Dr. appt tomorrow after the appt is when we decided we would start telling people. So last night we decided on how we were going to tell the in-laws (DH parents) I am going to get my DD a t-shirt that says *BIG SISTER* and then we are going to go over for a visit and not say anything just let them notice her shirt! What do you all think? Anyone else not told family yet and have a cute way they are going to tell and want to share? Or you have already told in a cute way please share too!!!


jessicaspatherapist - January 24

we gave my parents and hubby's parents a card that said "congrats! you're going to be grandparents! pretty soon you'll be bragging about your new grandchild" we wrote the due date and put a picture of the ultrasound.....they thought they were going to open the card and see pictures of our wedding because i said "well here's my favorite picture of all" and handed them the card....... good luck with your doc's appointment and can't wait to hear how they react!!


socalmom - January 24

jessica that sounds so nice I bet they were shocked to see an u/s pic and not a wedding pic!!! I'm feeling a bit nervous about my appt....I don't *feel* pregnant at all!!! I hope it is not a bad thing!!!!


JulieK - January 24

This is our second pregnancy. At Christmas we gave cards signed with my name, my husband's name, our son's name, and a ? then waited to see if anyone would actually notice. It was quite funny to see the reactions of those who noticed, and those who didn't and went back to reread the cards once the others


socalmom - January 24

Julie that was a neat idea! That is what I'm trying to do with the t-shirt - see how long it takes for them to notice! Now just to get my DD to wear the shirt since she only like to wear things with Dora on it!! LOL


Mommy1 - January 25

That sounds like a good idea socalmom! I also liked the way my friend told her parents...she walked in the door wearing a "Baby on Board" sign (you know, the ones you hang in your veichle)...of course it didn't take long to figure out, but it was very exciting! I told my hubby that we were expecting by wrapping a bib that read "Daddy's little Baby" on it in a nice little box - that's how we told our parents, we just took the box with us and had them open it to see the gift I had given my husband. There are so many ideas to go with but because you already have a daughter I think having her wear the shirt will work best!


frozenfeet - January 27

Hi Gina - Dh and I are going to tell his parents in about 3 or 4 weeks. His parents love to play boardgames, Cranium being their favorite. So dh is going to be on their team and when they get a card when he has to act out the clues, he's going to change it "we got 2 pink lines!' - when they guess that....we hope they'll put it together! As for my dad - his bday is the we're going to sing over the phone (he 12 hrs away) happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you, happy're going to be a grandfather, happy birthday to you!!!!! He'll love that!


lawlady72 - January 29

I'm going for my 12 week check up this friday and NT test. I invited everyone over for superbowl sunday so I figured I put my daughters shirt that says "I have a surprise...." on the front and "I'm going to be a big sister" on the back on her and have her show it off at 1/2 time!!!


Mega - January 29

There are so many neat ideas here. We plan on telling my DH's parents in a couple of weeks when they get back from vacation. We'll go up the following weekend, & in the morning I plan on making a pot of coffee and serving my MIL & FIL in mugs that say "World's Greatest Grandma" & "World's Greatest Grandpa" respectively. When they notice they'll be thrilled. This will be their 1st grandbaby. As for my dad, he lives several hundred miles away, so I was planning on sending him a Valentine that says Love Meredith, Derrick & baby. Now let's see if I can keep this secret a couple more weeks. LOL! Socalmom, so were DH's parents shocked? What did they think of the tee shirt?


socalmom - January 30

You all have such good ideas!! I love them all! Well after my Dr. appt on Thursday I bought the t-shirt and Friday night my in-laws invited us over for dinner (because Sat. was our anniversary) They didn't notice the shirt, so my DH said "hey how do you like Gina's new shirt?" my MIL read the shirt and looked at us and said does this mean what I think it means? and we said yes and showed them the u/s picture!! Needless to say they were thrilled!!



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