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renee - March 17

I am only five weeks along, i'm really not sure, and I am having a hard time not telling people. I also find it hard to be with my friends and family bec. we drink and if I suddenly stop, they would know. How has anyone else dealt with this?


louise - March 17

hello, i'm 6 weeks 5 days along, with a history of 2 miscarriages, i find i have to tell people at work because i'm a nurse and really need to avoid heavy tasks, so its easier if they know and then to tell them and not those close to me seems unfair. to be pregnant is so wonderful, i'm always bursting to tell and always do straight away. from my experience people can be an amazing support if they know and things do go wrong. its a personal choice and i wish you well with whatever you decide xxx


ValChil - March 20

I'm almost 6 weeks and my husband and I have told only our close family members. I think it's important that they know, god forbid if something were to go wrong they'd be there for support. That's how I see it. =)


knpandrews - March 20

Hi Renee... I am right at 10 wks. and I have only told family members. however, it is getting harder and harder to keep the secret. My friends notice that my husband and I have not been going out and they notice that I have been very pale lately (throwing up and Nausea). They have started asking my husband whether I am pregnant or not. LOL.. my husband says, when she is you will be the first to know. :) he is great but he said its getting to a point where everyone will just know when we tell them. We know that we will start telling everyone soon but being that i M/C a year ago and told everyone prior to that... I am trying to keep it semi quiet for now. I do beleive that you family can be a great wall to lean of if something g-d forbid did go wrong but like louise said... it is a personal choice. You will know when the time is right...


SuzieQ - March 20

I'm 12w1d and are starting to tell people now. My boss knows (she knows me really well!), my coworker, my parents, his parents, his sisters.... and a few close friends. So I guess most people! lol We decided to wait until 12 weeks as we have had a few losses in the past.


Dee - March 27

I know how you feel. I am 5weeks. Dh and I went out with another couple Sat. and my friend said I dont mean to be nosey but your not drinking are you PG? She totally caught me off guard. And I looked at her and said I wasnt I felt terrible lying. But I did say that there's a possiblity that I could be. But I know it will continue to be hard for us not to tell.


mandee25 - March 27

I am 6w 3 d pregnant with my first child and as soon as I found out I told my mom (after my dh of course.)lol I had to tell ppl at work because my job requirements had to change a bit but God Forbid if anything did happen next time I would keep it to ourselves for the first 14 weeks I think.


Shandy - March 28

I am 10 weeks now and I had to finally tell everyone at work last week because I was sooooooooo moody! I had to give some kind of explination! LOL!


squished - March 28

LOL...that is exactly the thing that I am worrying about too. I am 8 wks. along and noone knows. But, we are going out with some friends for my b-day in a couple days and I don't know what to do! We are going to try and beat them to the restaurant and I'll get some virgin fruity drink before they get there and they'll never know the difference....HOPEFULLY :)


knightal418 - March 29

I have a big mouth and cannot keep a secret. I am 5 weeks and have already told family and friends. I figure if anything does happen, then at least I have the people that are close to me to support me.


Shandy - March 29

Happy early Birthday squished! Have you been to the Dr and had blood work done yet? Usually after the first Dr's visit confrims that everything is as it should be you should be okay to tell :-)


AmyF - March 29

Someone on another thread gave a GREAT excuse to not drinking. Just say you're on antibiotics! I thought that excuse was brilliant.


squished - March 30

Good idea AmyF! Shandy, thanks for the b-day wish! I went to the dr. last week and had a u/s done. Saw the heartbeat at 161 bpm! Haven't gotten bloodwork results yet though. It has been almost a week....I should call.


Shandy - March 30

I had my u/s this morning! Isn't it amazing?! had one when I was preg with my son 10 yrs ago, I just forgot how amazing it is to see!


ciera - April 2

Hey there I am 5 weeks as well and we just told our parents, and we are telling his parents next weekend. I have told my closest friends as well. I feel that I have only told the people that I would tell if anything went wrong, and they would understand and be there for me. But like everyone said, its your choice, you have to do what you feel is right. Good Luck!!!


srigles - April 4

I'm having the same problem. I just found out I'm 6 weeks along with our first, and have only told my husband and it's killing me! We've decided to tell our families at a BBQ on Mother's Day (the 12 week point), but I have no idea how I can keep quiet until then. We've been trying for over a year and a half, and we're really excited and want to make a big event out of telling our families. That's the only thing that's making me keep quiet about it!


squished - April 4

That's funny srigles....we are trying to wait until mother's day too, but it's soooooo hard not to say anything to anybody!



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