Telling The Parents

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Katie - January 3

I'm six weeks along and I haven't told my parents yet. They don't like my boyfriend and we aren't getting married any time soon. They live in Michigan and I live in Texas, I'm really nervous to tell them. I'm still their little girl and I have a strong suspicion that they'll freak out. Any suggestions on how I'm going to tell them? I really don't want their opinion of me to change just because I'm pregnant. This baby is the most wonderful thing in the world and I can't wait to have it but I really need my parents to be there.


Syd - January 3

There is no easy way to break news to people who don't want to hear it. The only advise I have to give, is that your parents should love you no matter what you do, and if they love you, I am positive that they will love your baby. After you tell them, they will have to accept your boyfriend. Maybe you could wait until you are 3 months pregnant to tell your parents because there is still a chance of miscarriage (I hope it don't happen to you, but it did happen to me.) Your parents will love you no matter what, and if they are like my parents, they will be so excited. Best of luck! :)


Katharine - January 3

Make sure to give them some time to adjust to the idea, before worrying too much. They may freak out at first and may even say some hurtful things, but after they have time to get excited about having a grandchild and respect you for your decision to be a mother, they will probably come around. Your relationship with them will probably make a difference in how to tell them. You could write a letter "breaking" the news and sharing your excitement. If you choose to tell them in person (probably a good idea), I would take your boyfriend with you. That would show them that you are in this together and might increase their respect for him. Ultimately, they are concerned about you and your well-being. Good luck!



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