Terrible Gas Pain Is This Normal

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jen327 - January 12

Hi ladies, I am 10 weeks pregnant and have had HORRIBLE gas pain for about 7 hours. I am pretty sure it is gas because when I fart (sorry if it is TMI) I feel a bit of releif. But it won't go away. My OB said to take Gax X and if they does not go away, go to the ER. I just took some. Will it work?


kelley - January 12

Jen I have not tried the gas-x but I have been there girl.... I think that I mentioned it on the August thread like a week and a half ago.... my stomach was in knots and the pain was awful... I found that laying down and flipping helped some helped, I think that it moved the gas through the intestines or something... I was REALLY ga__sy thou and that seemed to help it move through and relieve the pain. If the gas-x works let me know. Good luck!


varughmi - January 15

even i have a severe gas pain... i took tums.. i don't know whether we can take this but i had no option last night. I took 2 tums and then drank coke ( caffeine free) and within 30 minutes things were better. I still feel the gas pain. I am 7 week preg. tomorrow is my first doc visit. so will see what she advices


denimb__terfly - January 15

I have been having gas pains all day!!! It's not even funny because it goes from the pain to the actual gas (LOL). I laid on my stomach for awhile. I tried squatting (my husbands idea) for awhile. Finally, I made a trip to Walmart and walked around for as long as I could. That seemed to do the trick- walking around I mean- it got things moving. Varughmi- tums are fine- I remember with my last pregnancy my doc actually told me to take 2 for calcium. Gosh, I am so glad to hear others are going through what I am. Makes me feel normal :-)


jen327 - January 15

Oh Ladies, I forgot to come back and tell you, I was in SO SO much pain I forgot I even wrote this question. I took the Gas X at 8 pm and by 10 I was free of pain. For about 2 hours if was terrible pain, then fart. But it was not until I took the Gas X that I felt relief. I am now going to take it when the pain happens like this. I refuse to suffer from that pain again. I can't even begin to explain the shear magnitude of the pain. Thinking gas could hurt so much seems silly but I knew it was gas because farting helped. Sorry but it is true. She said I could try Tums or Gas X but the Gas X seemed like it would hit the spot more. Oh, it was such a relif.


stefkay - January 16

Oh jen! I totally had this last night! I haven't really had bad gas at all so far and last night I was almost in tears. I didn't even feel like I could breathe. I didn't have anything to take so I just sipped on a cherry limeade hoping the carbonation would help. Eventually it eased and I fell asleep. I reallly overdid it on food last night. Ugh...


lawlady72 - January 16

It depends on what I eat, but I love spicy foods so it's inevitable I get bad gas. Sometimes I just curl up in a ball and wait for it to pa__s. This may sound really stupid but a friend of mine a long time ago told me if I felt like I had to (ahem) relieve gas, I should lean to the left. Like bend at your waist to the left. Sometimes it works.


JessC531 - January 16

I have this same problem! I am 12 weeks, and my m/s has just started to get better, but now it's being replaced by terrible gas! It is so painful, and I'm afraid to take anything. I just lay down and deal with it, but it is getting crazy! It's good to know I'm not the only one...


jen327 - January 16

I talked to my sister in law, she had the same thing, so unbearable she cried, her OB told her Gas X was perfect to take on a weekly basis but not everyday. So I figure if I get pain like this I will take 1. I tried everything, soda, laying on my side, laying with my b___t in the air like you do with babies. NOTHING worked. I was feeling the same bloated ga__sy feeling today, so I started to drink LOTS of water, but I am nervous it is happening again.


flipthea - January 18

My oB said I could take Mylanta.....I tried it and it worked....try not to take it everyday though.


Dmt1480 - March 27

5 1/2 weeks

OMG. Yes. I'm going through the exact same thing, and it's TERRIBLE. I cannot go on like this. I fear eating anything because I'm doubled over in pain each time I do. I don't think I'll be able to get through the pregnancy if it's this bad every day. 

I'm trying to figure out my trigger foods, and I think wheat, cheese and broccoli are three of them. I'm going to cut out everything except for meat over the next 48 hours and see if that helps. Then, add things back in to test. 

Haven't tried GasX, but I fear that I'd be turning to that every day, instead of weekly. Why can't you take GasX every day? 

Has anyone else figured out their trigger foods? 



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