Terrified To Miscarry

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Kim - October 18

I was wondering if anyone is in the same situation as I am. I had a miscarraige about four years ago, and I am now pregnant again. I am so overwhelmed with the fear of this happenining again I overly read into every little cramp, pain or ache. If I stop feeling nauseaous for a minute I worry I am losing my symptoms! I feel like a crazy person... i cant stand worrying this much, is this normal?? :o) Thanks


Jenn - October 18

i had mc in April and am pregnant again. I too am worried and though I don't feel sick at all, I feel a lot different than I did with the one I miscarried. With the mc I deep down felt something was wrong, but this i time I don't feel that way. I still freak out at every cramp, pain, ache, etc. and worry that when I go to the bathroom I'll see spotting. I think until I have my first dr appt I will be nervous. I even find myself not letting me get too excited. But I'm sure we will both make it through and have a healthy baby. Good Luck.


Julia - October 18

Kim I know exactly how you're feeling. Every pain has me worrying. I worry that I don't feel sick, I worry that my bb are not sore enough, I worry that I'm not tired enough. Every time I go to the bathroom I'm scared I'll see red. I too find myself not getting too excited yet. It's crazy. I pray that it will not happen again. I will be so happy to get through the first trimester, and to hear a heartbeat! Good luck to you.


Jen - October 18

Hi Jenn and Kim, I miscarried in July and am currently 10.5 weeks pregnant. I worry constantly! I have joined a forum called Pregnancy After Miscarriage or PAM the women are wonderful, and very supportive. I suggest you check it out.


Kim - October 19

Its good to know I am not the only one! Thank you for your responses. I feel like I am losing my mind sometimes( and I only found out 4 days ago i am pg!) Last night I had a cramp on the right side of my stomach all night. It wasnt really bad or anything but it was one of the more notciable of the cramps Ive had so far. It kept me up all night worrying, I didnt get any sleep! And now this morning I am pretty sure it was a gas pain... lol. I am sure everything will be fine for all of us, its just really scary! Jen, what is the address for the site you mentioned? I think I may check it out..


Emily - October 19

I am sorry for all your losses. I lost a baby at 10 weeks in Aug. and here it is two months later and I am pregnant again. Had a bit of a scare the day after I found out I was preg again. I had a ligth spoto f pink when I wiped. I may not have noticed normally, but I seem to be checking everytime I use the bathroom. I never bled very heavy with my m/c. I only spotted light pink on and off and then it got a little worse. It was never red though. My dr did an u/s and confirmed the baby had died and that I had what he called a missed m/c. I had to have a d&c to remove the tissue. I am now 4.5 weeks and very nervous. My dr did a blodd test Monday and will do one today and compare my levels. They should increase. I am hoping they do. When I saw the spot of pink, I freaked. It was the day af was due to start and I have read that some woman spott for several days duriing that time, but it still is scary. I can't wai until Thursday when I get my results. My first number was good and I have had no more spotting. W/ teh m/c the spotting go t increasingly worse....Sorry to take up so much of your time...I just felt I needed to share. I too get nervous about every little cramps and twinge. I do have a good feeling about this baby and didn't with the m/c. I just felt liek something was wrong the whole time....This is my third preg. I have a 14 month old daughter. I wish you all luk this time around.


Isa - October 20

Hi, I miscarried in July at 6 weeks. I am now 4 weeks and 6 days but have got period pain type of cramping and my stomach has bloated which it usually does and the tenderness in my b___bs has gone. I am really terrified of losing this baby, any advice from anybody? Please?


Kim - October 20

You should call you Dr. I just read on a website that period type cramping is somtimes a sign of miscarraige. Im not trying to scare you, I just wanted to share what I just read! Plus loss of pg symptoms can be bad to. It doesnt mean anything for sure, but maybe you should talk to someone just in case! Good Luck :o)


mia - October 20

i miscarried at 6 wks 4days a year and a half ago and am now 4 ks 3 days pregnant, and i am worried sick i'm trying not to get my hopes up just in case it all goes wrong again, but no your'e not crazy.


K - October 20

I had a m/c at 6 weeks back in Jan. and I'm pregnant again now at 20 weeks & so far so good. Every week that goes by I feel better! I was a wreck the first trimester! I was having dreams that I was bleeding and panicked at every twinge. I didn't have too many symptoms either this time. Best of luck!!


Isa - October 21

Thanks Kim for your advice. I took it very easy yesterday and thankfully symptoms are back and no sign of mc. I have a dr's appointment on Wednesday so I will continue to take things easy. I think I'm a big panicker and just have to relax. I know what you mean about feeling like a crazy person. My poor DH doesn't know what he's in for.


Kim - October 21

Lol I know what you mean. I cant believe how emotional and moody I have been, and I only found out I was pg a week ago! Well anyways I am glad you are feeling better. I think we all need to try our hardest to relax b/c stressing out will only make our fears more likely to come true...


Shel - October 21

Although I have not had a miscarriage, I would strongly suggest asking your doctor at 6 or 7 weeks to do an ultrasound to calm your fears. I did this with this pregnancy as I had a fear too since so many of my friends have had miscarriages, and I was so relieved when, at 6 weeks, they found a heart beat. The tech said once you find the heart beat, there is a 97% chance that your baby will make it to full term. Just a thought that may help calm your fears - your doctor should be able and willing to do this for you. Mine did!


Lindsey - October 21

Hi. I thought I was the only one going through it, i miscarried at 7 weeks on august 2nd, the u/s proved the sac had not gone past 5 weeks. I am so scared that this will happen again, I am constantly looking for blood on my tissue, and fretting over any sight ab pain, I'm driving my husband mad, this is my 2nd attempt and I wil be 7 weeks on sunday. Any advice on how I can get though the next 5 weeks. I'm hoping to have a scan next week to detect a heartbeat. Also does anyone else ever get the "empty" feeling. My stomach feels hollow, although my symtoms are there. I am sick at 6:30am and 7:30pm evey day and night and have aching b___bs, also abs are starting to feel a bit hard.


Tara - October 22

Hi ladies, I just wanted to tell you that I went through the same things as you. This is my fourth pregnancy ( two healthy babies and 1 miscarriage in June 2005 at 12 weeks. I am currently 13 weeks 5 days and its perfectly normal for symptoms to come and go throughout first trimester. I also had a lot of menstraul type cramping with healthy babies and this last one that is normal as well as long as theres no blood. Baby I lost I had no cramping. I no its hard, but try not to stress! Praying for healthy babies for all of us


amy w - October 23

hi kim, i know how you feel...as well as sympatise with you, everything freaks me out! i hate feeling anything that i dont think is normal, and i dont like NOT knowing what is going on at all...i am going to the doctor on monday, and i am hoping that it will put me at ease some, but who knows i might be a wreck until i get out of the 'danger zone' so to speak...i wish us all the best of luck, i know everything will be just fine!!!!!!!!! fingers crossed for all of us!!!!!!!!


Isa - October 26

Hi Kim and co. This is a great thread. I went to the doctor today, am 5wks and 5 days and will have a U/S on 4th November. That will be 7 weeks exactly. The doctor said to relax and said that every pregnancy is different and just to focus on taking it easy. Best of luck everybody, I will let you know how I get on with my results. Let us know how you all are doing.



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