The After Birth Thing No One Talks About

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Coco - April 11

Did u know that after u give birth, u have to wear big fat pads because u will bleed ? U will bleed for about 2-3 weeks( maybe less), a lot more or similar to very heavy periods, but non-stop.This is because after the baby is out, although the midwife takes the placenta out( well, it may/will come out naturally by a "last push"). ur womb needs to clean itself out,this is a natural process,it's not painful, but it has to be done. I don't know if any of u are interested, but since i know some w/m on here are in their last weeks and it's their first, i thought of it today.Back then if anybody had told me that, b4 i gave birth, i would have been happy, especially when ur very young! God bless u all XX


lilmum - April 11

only bleed for two to three weeks.. I WISH! LOL, some women may actually bleed up to SIX WEEKS! Trust me, it's NOT fun. Another thing they don't tell you about is how sore your intestines are. They have this sucking feeling as they rather quickly drop back into your adominal cavity. It's not painful (unless they were bruised during a c-sec like me) more like uncomfortable. but all in all, it's worth it and it doesn't last long at all. You are much too busy staring at the beautiful life you just brought into the world.


L - April 11

O.K. so what kind of pads work best? I haven't worn a pad in over 10 years. Which ones suck & which ones really work?


Misty - April 11

I remember they give you some to take home with you from the hospital. Those worked best. After that I don't remember what I used. It sure as hell felt like a diaper though :-)


Foxy - April 12

I knew about the bleeding, so I have bought industrial strengh sant_tary towels and even disposable knickers/pants in case it's bad. I did'nt know about the intestines sinking back into place though. Anything else werid or unpleasant we first-time-mums should be aware of? It's interesting to me.


j - April 12

the pads the hospital gave my friend were awful, they looked like a giant wad of cotton wool..she got rid of those and bought always nighttime for very heavy flow...which worked just fine


Carol - April 12

Thanks for starting this thread. I knew about the bleeding, but was unsure how long. Also about the pads. I did not want to have to wear a giant diaper! I hate pads to begin with so to know that you can wear the always is nice! Anyone more info is GREATLY appreciated! It seems like the after baby is born stuff is never talked about! Thanks!


crystal - April 13

Another thing they don't talk about is an episiotomy.I(that's when they cut u during childbirth to provent you from tearing witch is alot worse) I had an episiotomy.They give u a shot on your v____a to numb it. Then cut u. Then st_tch u back up. It hurts so bad afterwards. I couldn't cough,laugh, or sit comfortably for a while, and then i had to deal with the bleedin ontop of that.


amanda.d - April 13

I have only ever bled for a week, possibly because i b___st feed( i usually don't have my period back until after i quit nursing).So there is points in b___st feeding.Also each episiotomy gets better too.Let me tell you that yes it hurts but its also forgotten.


Becky - April 13

I bled for almost 6 weeks after I had my daughter. The first week or two was pretty heavy then it died down. I'm pregnant with our second and not looking forward to that part!


lisa - April 13

this is my 3rd 4th baby 2nd was twins....i hated the blood clots afterwards. nobody told me about them and i was terrified when i had one.


Stephanie - April 13

crystal sounds like you had a bad experience bc I've been "cut" two times now. Well the first time I was more like ripped bc my Dr was late! It sounded like velcro down there and he ripped me in a zigzag!! St_tched right up. My 2nd time they did the cut but you are so numb that you should not be able to feel this!


lilmum - April 13

most of my friends that have given birth naturally (instead of c-sec) have opted NOT to have an episiotomy, and only one of them tore badly enough that they should have been cut. Three of them tore, but was minor (two st_tches for one, four for another and only one st_tch for the last). I also had a friend who gave birth to both her children with no drugs or anything, and when the doctor said he needed to cut, she said NO (with the first) and she had what she called "head burn" but no st_tches. with her second she had nothing at all. It is a choice you can make, and there is an old wives tale that says if your stretch marks are BAD then you will probably tear pretty bad, but if you had few or none, you may not tear at all, or very little.


crystal - April 13

I did have a bad time with the episiotomy I don't know y. Maybe it's b/c they had to give me a big cut. b/c my baby was 8pounds 3oz and the doctor told me i had to get one or i will tear which is alot worse. May he thought the baby was too big for me to have without a rip, b/c of my size


Pat - April 13

I bled for about 6 weeks after I had my baby. The first 10 was the heaviest. I used the Always Pads that were long and for super heavy flow(the ones wrapped in the orange package). I also raided the hospital utility room for the pads the hospital gives you. Those are super long that go from your pubic hair line to about your tail bone!! I stashed a few extra of those in my hospital bag to bring home with me but I really didn't need to use them past day 3--the Always worked well. ALSO--if the nurses offer you advil and stool softeners --TAKE THEM REGULARLY even if you feel fine! I had my son at 10 in the morning and by nighttime I felt fine so I decided not to take the advil (which is also an anti inflammitory). Well--the next morning (after the epideral wore out) then the pain really hit!! Trust me take the advil and the stool softeners. I was sitting on one cheek for 6 weeks after! You don't have time to concentrate on the pain when you have a little one that needs you so don't worry too much about it. Enjoy your little bundles of joy!!


coco - April 13

i don't remember how long exactely i bled for , but i know the 1st time it was for at least 3 weeks, and the 2nd time around only 2 wks,it depends. And yeah the hospital give u some pads ( or diapers should i say -lol) i agree with Misty on this one. It feels like u have to walk like a duck when u have those on.It's not all the time that they cut u, i escaped it, they were staring hard and all murmuring when they decided not to cut me . Phew....thak God for that !



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