The December Birth Club

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Alexis - April 27

Hi ladies I thought I might start a thread for all the ladies due in Dec. I am on my third pregnancy and I have a Girl and a Boy. And I'm due Dec.5 Anyone is welcome to come and share and Join in. Thanks and good luck with your pregnancies!


Candice - April 27

I am due on December 1st, and it's our 1st baby! Did you ever have pains in your tailbone area?


Miranda - April 27

im due the 8th of Dec with my first:)


TCM - April 27

I am due about 19th December with my first - so excited and very anxious ... want to be past 12 weeks already but dont want to wish the time away!


Brandi - April 27

Im due dec. 3rd. Cant wait!!! Really cant wait for the nausea to stoph


tiffany - April 27

I am due on Dec 20th , i am very excited however my morning sickness is out of control and nothing seems to make me feel better anybody else having trouble?


TCM - April 27

I have "Mid-day" Sickness. Between 11am and 3pm is awful ... and very hard to concentrate on work!!


c - April 28

I would like to join your club. I am due Dec 12 th with my 2 nd. I already lost 2 so can't wait until my first 13 weeks are up.


michelle - April 28

I am due 12/30/05. Possible Christmas or New Years baby? Anyway, this is my sixth. It's still exciting!


Angela - April 28

I am due December 1 as well, Candice!!! ..first as well.


Misty - April 28

I'm due Dec. 10th. This will be my fourth. I can hardly wait until the next eight months are over! :)


Sarah - April 28

I'm due on Dec 20 with my first. I'm excited however I want the first 13 weeks to be over and be in the clear. I've lost 2 last year. I've been a bit nausious, and am tired and have sore b___bs. No other symptoms.


Alexis - April 28

Hello ladies I'm Glad to see I'm not alone.How is everyone feeling today? Here's a little tip on the morning sickness- Try sucking on a lemon, it always seemed to help me with my son I threw up for 4 months straight with him but then it got better. Don't worry girl's this two shall pa__s.How many weeks is everyone? I'm 8weeks 3 days.


Lauren - April 28

I am also 8 weeks 3 days...which puts me at a due date of Dec. 5. This is my first. I went for my first appt today. Was a little disappointed if I might say. I was told by friends and family that they would do a v____al ultrasound and see the heartbeat. But all I got was lab work and a "physical". Dr. said I "feel" like im pregnant. I guess I was just looking for some rea__surance. Maybe next appt.


TCM - April 28

I understand Lauren. I dont think it will be 100% real to me until I see the heartbeat - my appointment with the Dr is only on 16May. Can hardly wait - I want the rea__surance.


Meg - April 28

Hi everyone I am due Dec 2nd with second child. I have a 14month old daughter and a 3 1/2 yr old stepson. I am very scared about raising another but I think I will be okay.


Jen - April 28

Lauren, Very frustrating that they only did the lab work etc. I am at about 8 weeks too -- not absolutely sure because I wasn't tracking my period. I have my first appointment next week and I am counting on them doing an ultrasound. I want confirmation that everything is going well before I start telling friends and family.



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