The First Coupla Weeks Of Pregnancy

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GimmeaBub - October 7

Has anybody found in the first weeks of pregnancy they get wind cramps, or because they are constipated they get little twinges in their abdomen, and is it too early for me to have morning sickness, I am only about 4 weeks but i have been sick, I keep having like a feeling of air in my belly, and then after i eat i feel sick.


watkins - October 7

i think that is totally normal. i dont really think that it matters how far along you are. pregnancy symptoms are pregnancy symptoms. congrats! is this your first?


GimmeaBub - October 7

Yup, i had a miscarriage back in june so i am treading lightly, The wind cramps have subsided, and i feel sick, everytime i burp i throw up in my mouth sounds gross i know, i am really light headed and ready to fall asleep. :) Baby Juice


Chris1975 - October 8

Heya Gabby! Get used to the constipation! its soo typical hehe... I never had m/s at all!, but many ppl get it from 4-5 wks onwards...hopefully it will be shortlived for you! Twinges and tugs are stretching pains happening as your uterus and ligements change shape and stretch...they happen all thru pregnancy off and on, and can be anything from a short sharp pang , or a dull ache pain that lasts a few seconds. (and they are painful as when you sneeze, cough, or stand up fast too!!!) hehe...Chat soon :)


Mel Page - October 8

GimmeaBub congrats on your pg babe. I'm now 19 weeks along and let me tell you those first few weeks was indeed a bubpy ride for me, I also started with my m/s at about 5weeks pg and it finally went away at 14 weeks, you're gonna haveto make peace with the gas and constipation babe, it doesnt go away!!! LOL in fact I dont think I have pa__sed so much gas in my whole 27yrs of being here like I did during this pg so far!!! LOL. Good luck with the rest of your journey with your little one and God Bless!!!! Love Mel


GimmeaBub - October 8

Thanks girls, the gas pains have eased off a bit, i am still not gunna be convinced about my bubby till is ee my ultra sound i think, I'm addicted to BFPS. just making sure i'm not seeing stuff, but sure enough i am getting BFPS' on every kind of pregnancy test there is, I think i am just going nuts lol. Df left for work today, and he gives me a kiss, gives my belly a rub and kiss, and then looks at me and says 'Your definatly pregnant'. I dunno whats up wif me, I got really weird emotions, and to top it off, I eat weird. One minute i will starving salivering at the mouth, next I cant even stand the small of food, or even eating mroe than a bite lol. And My b___st, well lets just say, they can go get stuffed lol. They are shocking, they are enormous, i had guys whistling at me today when heading oiut cause i had a singlet on, and my melons pouring over the top. They look stupid and they feel disgusting lol. Anyway i might go have nap. Baby Juice Girls, Let me know what else i got in store.


sarah21 - October 8

Ohh man do you really want to know what you have in store? Lol. You have belching, gas, ligament pains that will floor you, barfing, extreme sleepiness, extreme hunger followed by extreme nausea (I got so tired of feeling ill after a meal). But then one day it all fades away (except the gas and belching) and you wake up feeling spectacular. But man oh man things can be tough.


autumnsmommy - October 8

GIMMEABUB - Gabby right? I remember you from the TTC through friendship and support thread. Congratulations on the pregnancy. I'm 4 weeks , 2 days! Sorry to hear your feeling a bit sick. When do you get your u/s? My doctor wants to wait until I'm closer to 7 weeks so we're sure to see the heartbeat! Anyway-Good luck!:)


sarah21 - October 8

Oh and as for stuff sounding good and being nauseous 10 seconds later, learn to act QUICK when something sounds good. You can't wait even 5 minutes. GET IT when you can. Otherwise you will be miserable until you eat, and nothing will sound good TO eat, and it's just a miserable experience.



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