The Jenny McCarthy Book

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j - April 27

HAHAHA has anyone read Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs? I definatly recomend it to anyone who doesn't get offended easily. It is an awesome truthful book about stuff we are all probably going through.


Kelly K - April 27

I actually just got it today in the mail. I read parts of it and know I'll love it!


Steph - April 27

Oh my gosh, my Dr. recommended it to me... I sat down last Saturday to read it and didn't put it down until a few hours later when I finished it. It is HILARIOUS!!! By the way, she had a new one called Baby laughs for the 1st year. It just came out... I can't wait to read it!!! I highly recommend Belly Laughs, it is nice to read something that makes you laugh while giving you good information and truthful information on what you are experiencing.


j - April 27

I finished the book in one sitting too. I am going to go buy baby laughs tonight. It's addicting stuff.... lol


Amy - April 28

Yes, I read it all the way through at Borders book store one night! It is so hilarious! That is great that she has another book out about the first year...will have to read that, too! Have fun with your babies!!


Michelle - April 29

Yes! My husband bought me this book two days after we found out we were pregnant. I LOVED IT!!! It scared me at some parts though.


rb - April 29

THE best pregnancy book i've read - it's a little gross at times, but ALL true - as far as I know - the end actually made me cry, but then, anything does these days.... - i recommend it to anyone who is sick of "what to expect..." etc. books - have fun!


Jen - May 2

I laughed so hard i almost cried !!! Even my hubby read some of it and thought it was hilarious!


joe - May 12

It really sucked


Diane - May 12

Why would I care what a stripper says about being pregnant


lynn - May 12

Jenny McCarthy is NOT a stripper


jodie - May 12

Hmmm....stripper? Maybe your thinking of another jenny mccarthy Diane. Either way, she's funny as hell and the book was better than any of the other pregnancy books out there.


Tiana - May 13

I am going to buy the book today... I've heard so much great things about it... And how cruel to judge someone without knowing them... I am not going to do an entertainment review on her, but the only thing she did was pose for playboy when she first started in her career... a long time ago... Shoot... if I had a great body I would have probably done it to... that has nothing to do with her being pregnant...


Megan - May 26

Yeah, my friend gave me the book to read and I finished reading it in 2 hours. Funny stuff. She's quite honest.



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