The LESS Talked About SYMPTOMS

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Livvie - March 26

Hey all! I have some questions regarding what seems to be the less talked of symptoms(during mid to late first semester). I have a little list here and looking for similiar experiences with these types of symptoms 1) B--t change: nipple darker and sticks out a lot more...veins visible on areola(but no soreness!) 2) Itchy skin all over (even early on) because it seems more sensitive 3) Shiny and smooth skin on face 4)more burping and loud stomach growls 5) Shiny discharge? 6) Belly bulging a little right under the belly button 7) Sensitive gums while brushing 8) It seems I have less urge to urinate but I seem much more thursty and my lips are always dry (Well ladies, these are my signs, not like the typical ones always heard of, so I need your input and similar experiences other than the typical nausea cause I have only had a few dizzy spells and that was all)...I am gonna have a preg. test next week. I had only spotting this month and a light on last month and now I have all these signs. So if I am not prego than my hormones r for sure partying watya think? :) Thanks **Livvie**


Heather - April 1

Hey Livvie... I'm 5 weeks preggo and I have some of the changes you mentioned, my nipples got darker, veins definitely visible and my b___sts were not sore until yesterday, I got in the shower and the water hurt so bad! My skin is itchy and easily irritated. My face is definitely shining and very oily. I've been burping a LOT and stomach growling as well, especially at night when I'm laying in the bed. As for the discharge, I've only had a small amount of whitish creamy discharge, and it wasn't shiny. My belly is already bulging a little right under the belly b___ton (this is my second pregnancy) and my gums seem to bleed for no reason sometimes. I have been urinating more frequently and thirsty as well, my lips seem really dry too. I haven't had any nausea yet, only this weird burning, empty hungry sensation when I wake up....My test showed up positive the day before my period was due. I also get a little dizzy when I stand up. It definitely sounds like you're preggo! With my first pregnancy, I had spotting the first month I was pregnant....Let me know when you take the test!!!


Samantha B - April 1

The thirstiness is what gave away my being pregnant. I had not missed a period but boy was thirsty!


Gwiip - April 1

Got a friend she studied obstetrics before deciding having babies was more fun. Her list of common pregnacy side effects, Most of which I had not heard of. As far as she is concernd you are not pregnant if you look good. -Hair falling out in lumps. -Nails breaking. -Incontience the baby is pressing on the bowel. -Bad skin. So bad you don't want to be seen in public. -Broken veins on stomach -An outy belly b___ton which looks like an over inflated beach ball and hurts every time you move. -And very swolen labia where it hurts to walk.


Heidi - April 1

I had that all too except the gums problem. I think once or twice when I first found out I was pg at around 4 wks I noticed my gums bled a bit when I brushed but after that they never did again. VERY thirsty, quite often I go to work in the morning with dry mouth and just crave water. I never have had acne problems, but around wk 4 I got a big zit by each ear and they were huge but never formed a head. They were just like cysts almost. Drove me nuts. I swear these b___bs aren't mine either! They're huge!!!!


Reegsmommy - April 1

Hi Livvie! I am 7 weeks with my second and I have experienced all of the symptoms you are talking about. I've found reference to all of them in "What to Expect While You're Expecting". It's a great book, and it tells you why you are having all the weird symptoms that you are having. Trust me, they are all normal..... Hang in there,. When you start to see your belly sticking out and can feel that baby move, these symptoms start to fade away.....


Christy - April 1

Livvie- I am 6 weeks from LMP. My skin (which has always been a problem) is a wreck. My nose bleeds like a gusher at least once a day. (doc said this was because the blood vessels relax and you're also producing more blood. I guess this can also cause constipation in some women.) I am getting mild hemorrhoids. My abdomen makes weird noises and has occa__sional weird pains. My back (especially my SI joints) hurts all of the time. Morning sickness- not too bad, more like nauseaous after dinnertime. This website has some good info, as does WebMD about various pregnancy symptoms: Have you confirmed pregnancy yet? You may want to get a home pregnancy test. First Response is good. Avoid the ept +/- test. It has some issues that need ironing out. Good luck.


Livvie - April 1

Hey all! Hi Heather, thanks for replying. I am still feeling them. You know, my gums bleed every now and then as well...the only things I don't seem to have are sore b___sts. And the acidy feeling in my stomach when I wake up and go to bed is very strong, it makes me feel like I am hungry. I also noticed the headaches I used to get all the time dont happen n e more actually ...and I also have this bulge under my belly b___ton. Can u describe yours to me Heather...thanks. I have to say,if I am not pregnant then my hormones are really having fun. I am 24 yrs old...I am almost finished with college and I was actually going to start trying next summer because I wanted to get into the Board of Ed first, but I suppose timing is Divine. Write back ladies!


M - April 1

Livvie- Teacher?


Livvie - April 2

High school guidance counselor (academics)...but not there yet....about to study for my Masters but wanted to get into the BOE for now as a school sec. while I finish my studies....


Livvie - April 5

Hey all (Heather...Christy) are u feeling? As for me, I am ok. Still getting the same symptoms and b___sts seem to be gettin a bit sore now while I am in the shower. Umm...started to have a weird taste in my mouth only lasting a few minutes here and there (tastes like blood) and also a bit more discharge and very thirsty at night. My period would be due the second week of April so I will test then and def. keep u guys posted. I had my mom, who lives near a Walmart, pick me up two "Equate" tests, because I heard good things about them. They are in her trunk waiting for me :). So have you guys had n e more symptoms?


milissa - April 8

Well the first thing before I even took a test, was VERY THIRSTY"! Nothing helped, nothing", headaches wired once's too. And stupidness" My mind is like off for the next 9 mos.. I will forget in mid conversation what I am saying, to leaving stuff in the oven...till I smell it burning??? and my temps , implantation on the 10 ,then a dip for acouple of days then temps back up there again and have been. And just to let you know ladies my implantation was like a period just a little diferent in color and flow. this is my second also. O one more thing I have not gotten a good positive result just after the time limit its very faint (thats when its really easy to see) O and lets not forget Sycho Chick, my poor husband he new right away that I was pregnant,red cheaks to. sorry I just want to let ya all know... Good health to you all!


Livvie - April 9

Thanks Milissa! I am very thirsty and my lips are very dry. What other signs did u have? I've had excess saliva lately and veins very visible but only on areolas. Whats very frequent however is the loud belly growls. My discharge however is on and off. Anyone else? How r u other ladies doing? I dont have sore b___bs though? But the nipple def sticks out more? Sound right?


b - April 10



Christy - April 10

Hi, ladies. Glad to see we are all doing so fine. I have been majorly ditzy the last two weeks. I probably only comprehend about 50% of what is said to me! I told my husband to buy me a hands-free kit for my cell phone because I cannot talk and drive at the same time anymore (I know, I probably shouldn't talk and drive anyway.) Had a bit of a scare this last week, as I started to spot on Tuesday night (after my OB visit that afternoon.) The spotting got worse and I was told to take off work Wednesday, and go to to the doctor on Thursday when things did not improve. Everything looked okay, baby had a nice hearbeat, etc and the doctor does not think it is a miscarriage. She thought I may have thrombophelia (a clotting disorder that will take two weeks to confirm with blood tests) and put me on extra folic acid and a baby aspirin daily. I also had a bacterial infection for which she gave me an antibiotic cream, which seemed to help. I guess the hormonal changes can cause upset in the flora in your v____a, which can cause bacterial infections and/or yeast infections. Hopefully I am done with that. I am nauseous today. . . I can eat, but not a lot. I know this women who is like 22 weeks pregnant, and she said she could not work during the first trimester because she was so sick. I think she ended up losing her job! Thankfully I don't have it that bad. . .although I don't think I'd be too sad if I lost my job at this point. Anyone else ready to quit work? Take care, fellow preggos. :)


milissa - April 11

Well I too have been out in another world..I can't even remember what I'm doing when I'm doing it. I have to set the timer on the stove just to remind me that I am COOKING' dinner. "My poor husband".. last night I was cooking hamburger helper and was cooking it on high and no cover. just boiling the c___p out of it... he laughed and took over before we did not have dinner..hha hha sometimes I forget that I have a 2 1/2 year old too.. really stupid stuff happens.. alot' And man is sycho chick still around! alot today' I can't even stand me..I'm such a [email protected]*%h, hope that stops soon??? good luck


Ca__sie - April 11

I can't believe you posted some of this stuff. I AM SO THIRSTY lately! It's like I can't keep myself hydrated! And I have managed to make it all the way thru the winter w/o chapped lips until now. Haha I thought I was the only one. Yeah and I'm sick of brushing my teeth and then smelling blood at the same time............bleh



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