The November 21 Due Date Club

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Brooke Crow - April 20

Alright ladies ... I know Desiree is one of us :-) ... and by skimming around I also know there is an Angie, April and a Lianne out there who share the specific date of 11-21-05 for our precisous babies' birth ... let's gang up and get to know each other and check up on each other every once in a while! What'dya say?!?


babyonboard - April 20

me too!...hello..and you plan to find out the s_x?


Carol - April 20

Loved to join ya'll. My first due date was November 25, now it is November 15 - so I am guessing it wil lhappen sometime in between!


Desiree - April 20

thats crazy.. anyone else think theirs is a boy too? besides Brooke!


Sasha - April 20

I am due 19th Nov....and the pregnancy predictor indicates a boy...still crossing my fingers for a girl :)


Brooke Crow - April 20

What pregancy predictor? (Tell me, tell me, tell me.) My sister knows a lady who has had like seven kids, and she supposedly swears by the "drano" test ... but she also says there is a lot of fake drano tests out there and we need to do the REAL old-fashioned drano test ... so ... I am waiting impatiently for the instructions on how to do the REAL drano test. (ha) Where is Angie, April and Lianne? Maybe they'll see our special club floating around a decide to take a peak. I am so happy for all of us, and we need to stick together through this ... if we stay in contact, we can move to the second trimester forums in a nice synchronized fashion. howdy, Desiree! How are we feeling today? I am dragging booty ... feel yucky. And I need to poop, too. And my t_tties still throb. But other than that ... I feel gr-r-r-eat!


Desiree - April 20

Brooke... i'm feeling pretty good today.. other than the overwhelming sleep deprivation that i feel.. other than that i am just peachy... we'll see what tomorrow brings though.. could be a different story!


Elycia - April 20

I am due 11/25. Would love to join you guys and keep in touch. I feel pretty good today, but most days I feel pretty yucky! Just so tired and queasy stomach. Well, I hope to see all of you guys progress. I am 8w5d today.


Brooke Crow - April 20

Congrats to you, Elycia ... let us all keep in touch, okay? I am hoping that we'll get a group of gals together to stay in contact with thru this miraculous journey. Once we get us all gathered, maybe we can start sharing some info about each other. God Bless.


SRG - April 20

I am due November 10th, a little earlier...does that count to join your club? LOL! I think I am having a boy, just my gut instinct. Whatever it is, I do not care one bit, as long as I have a healthy baby! It is nice to speak to other people that are due around the same time.


Brooke Crow - April 20

Well, SRG, I don't know ... let me think about it ... well ... BIG SMILE ... hopefully you know I'm kidding. Of course you are welcome!!!!! We're going to have babies around the same time!!!! There really shouldn't be any "rules" ... I just only wish for two things from us special Nov mommies: I wish that we'll all be healthy and safe ... AND ... loving and patient with each other. PLEASE NO MEAN STUFF within our club. Some people can be downright nasty with each other ... and it makes me sad. Where is everybody living? I am in Abilene, Texas and Desiree is up there in Montana somewhere.


BC - April 20

Oh! I forgot! Gotta question ... shouldn't we change the name of our special club/group? NOVEMBER 21 is pretty exclusive ... so what should we call ourselves? Give some ideas ladies.


Jessica - April 21

Hi, Brooke. I saw that you are from Abilene, Texas. I am from Anson, Texas (about 20 miles north of Abilene) and I am due November 29th. Who is your doctor? I see Dr. McCain. This is my first pregnancy. First for anyone else?


SRG - April 21

Thanks BC for making me feel welcome. I am from Toronto, Canada. I cannot stand when people are mean and write negative things, it is not nice. How are you all feeling now that your getting close the the 3 month mark?


Carol - April 21

Hey ladies, sounds like everyone is in good spirits! I am feeling well today and hoping and praying that my energy levels are coming back! I haven't been too sick , just a little nauseous feeling every now and again. Is anyone else starting to have more energy?


Kimmy - April 21

I am 7 weeks 3 days due in december 5th ... can i join huh? huh? can i ? huh ? :) You guys all seem real nice and i would love to share my pregnancy with all of you ! and hey SRG I am also from Toronto Canada !


anneliese - April 21

my due date is 21 nov aswell, although it will probably change when I get my scan.



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