The Opposite Of Constipated

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lmk - March 6

I haven't been constipated at all, and have one or 2 bowel movements per day since pregnant (sometimes pretty loose)...sorry if this is gross, but I'm worried if I have low progesterone? I haven't had M/S now in 3 days except at night a little. I'm just worried if my hormone levels are dropping? I have another week until my U/S, and it's driving me nuts to wait. I had an U/S last week at ER that showed a heartbeat. Anyone else in my boat?


Peachtree - March 6

Hi lmk- I'm in the exact same boat as you. I spoke with my midwife about it, and she didn't seem concerned. She said as long as it isn't diarrea (sp) and just loose that it's fine. I was worried too because before pregnancy, I was always constipated and fully expected it to continue throughout pregnancy. I kind of just thought that this was my body's way of handling m/s since I haven't really had any of that (other than some mild waves of nausea here and there). What makes you think it could related to low progesterone levels? That makes me worry a bit...I haven't heard/read anything about that.


MrsShelton217 - March 6

I always thought that diarrhea in pregnancy was caused BY INCREASED progesterone levels.....? Maybe I am wrong...? i dunno


Belief - March 6

MrsShelton you are correct - I just looked it up on google and it said it is an increase in progesterone levels. I had loose stools with my two pregnancies ( i lost both to m/c) but in my Pregnancy book it says all women are different and it may be normal to have loose stool.


lmk - March 6

I'd read that progesterone slows down your digestion (and you get more nutrients out of the food), and that causes the gas and constipation. That's why constipation is so common in pg women. Diarrhea is not supposed to be common, and can be caused by food poisoning or other illness ... or maybe I'm being paranoid, low progesterone (indirectly)? I don't know what percent of women get constipated...I know I had gas really bad weeks 5 & 6, now I'm week 7 and I'm not so ga__sy anymore.


Peachtree - March 7

Loose stools and diarrhea are two different things. I think lmk was saying she sometimes has 'loose' stools, as do I...every day. It's not diarrhea. Like I said, I spoke with my midwife about the 'loose' stools, and she wasn't too concerned, but did ask if it was diarrhea- as that could indicate a problem. I just read in my pregnancy book last night that increased progesterone levels cause constipation. So I guess that's not the cause of the loose stools...but I guess everyone is different. Lmk- are you experiencing any m/s? Like I said, I think it's just my body's way of handling m/ just comes out the other way!


lmk - March 7

hi Peachtree, Last week I had M/S, but I was having a bowel movement twice a day some days. This week almost no M/S (a little at night), and I'm still having regular bowel movements but not nearly the gas I had before. I'm just hoping my body is adjusting still, not that my pg hormone levels are dropping. I get an U/S next wed; I'll be on edge till then! I'm at 7 weeks, 3 about you?


Peachtree - March 7

Hi lmk- I am 13 weeks and 3 days today. I've had 2 u/s so far. I had one at 7 and a half weeks where it showed a little bean shaped thing, and I heard the heartbeat. I had an u/s last week, and it looks like a baby now! It was very exciting. Good luck at your u/s next week and let us know how it goes. I remember having alot of gas/gurgly stomach around 5-6-7 weeks, it went away, but I still burp alot! Haha! Try not to worry about your progesterone levels dropping- if it was something to be really concerned about, I'm sure my midwife would have said something when I brough it up with her. I'm sure what's happening to us is just our body's adjusting to all of the weird and wonderful things that are happening. Stay positive!



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