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Brooke Crow :) - April 26

For all ladies who have precious babies due in November 2005 ... we welcome you with open arms and hearts. May God Bless Each and Every One of Us.


jessie - April 26

...and make this morning sickness go away SOON!!!


Brooke Crow - April 26

Hehehe ... well here we are girls. We did it! A new thread that will encourage and invite all others to take a peak and get to know us all. I am curious to see just how many November 2005 babies are out there, aren't you? My husband and I have decided that we want to be surprised with the s_x of our baby this time around ... since it will be our last one. We found out "what we were going to have" with the other two, but this time we don't want to find out. Since we live in a world with instant "everything" ... and since we old folks don't get to relish in too many authentic surprises ... we decided to treat ourselves with the angst of anticipation of delivery day. I hope I can squelch my intense curiosity during future ultrasounds though. It wouldn't be fair for me to find out and not tell him, would it? Oh, help me pray for integrity and patience ... cause I want to know RIGHT NOW!!!!! (Smile.)


Brooke - April 26

Jessie: Amen! That is hilarious. Excellent postscript, if you ask me (but you didn't.) WHAT are you doing up this late?!?


Brooke - April 26

By the way ... Jessie, how are you? I was re-reading our posts from the original thread, and saw your worries over a scare that happened last Friday. No more scares, I hope?


Vek - April 26

Hey im expecting late november so ive been told...:) been going through a bit of a scare find out tomoz if everythings ok!.... been getting spotting only lil bits but... i was told it could be hopeing thats the case, this is my second child, my first is 5 yrs old..... im glade i found somewhere on the web to talk baby stuff this is cool :)


Brooke Crow - April 26

We sure are up LATE aren't we? It is almost 4:30 in the morning where I'm at (TX) ... Let us know how your dr. appt goes ... I will keep you and the baby in my thoughts.


Ca__sie - April 26

I'm due November 28th!


jb - April 26

I am due with twins on Nov 1st. I have just moved into the second trimester phase. I will keep checking in to see how you are all doing.


v - April 26

I am due Nov 8th. My baby will be a topaz like me! My bday is Nov 29th. What a way to spend my 31st!


Elycia - April 26

Hello ladies. So glad to see the group still together. I haven't checked in for a few days. Everything is going okay so far. No real reason for concern. I am 9w4d today. I am so sick and tired of being sick though. I hope that the queasy stomach and frequent vomiting go away. I don't vomit everyday, but just enough to annoy the heck out of me. So, what type of symptoms is everyone else having? Since we are all due around the same time, I am sure we have similiar symptoms. I have have the sour/metallic taste in my mouth constantly, queasy stomach, very strong sense of smell, strong gag reflex. That is about all I can think of right now, but I am sure there are more. Ugh! I guess it will all be worth it when I see our precious baby.


TJ - April 26

We're calling our baby "turkey" since he/she is do the day before thanksgiving! I'm gonna SLOW roast my turkey! LOL! This is my fourth, ages 19, 12, 19months....what a roller coaster ride! Brooke, I'm also in TX. Good luck and God Bless to us all!


Steph - April 26

Love it!!! I am so excited to be apart of the "gang!" Geez, you girls must not be able to sleep at all! I am too, in Texas, but I was sound asleep at 4:30 AM... either that or kicking my Husband to roll over and stop snoring! ha!! We are due November 11th with our 1st!


Desiree - April 26

Hey cool! My idea for the name was kinda used! HEHE... For those of you ladies that don't know me. I'm Desiree from Montana. Expecting my first child on November 19, 2005. Very excited about it. Recently got married in January. Currently 10w4d along! Had an appt yesterday and all is healthy! God Bless all of the rest of you and your little miracles! Keep in touch.


jessie - April 26

hey brooke...i don't remember a little scare...was it me that wrote the post? hmm...all is well right now. i'm not feeling too sick..when is morning sickness supposed to subside? And is it gradual or all at once. My fear is having m.s. until i deliver...yikes! i was able to down a haagan daz coffee ice cream yesterday...yeah...the whole thing. imagine that! but it was delicious! warm wished to the topaz gang! maybe we should convince our hubbies to buy us a topaz pendant or earrings (or BOTH!). Don't we deserve it?


Mama (Brooke) Crow - April 26

oooh....good idea, Jessie! Got me thinking about HOW to schmooze the idea into his head ... hmmmm? (As far as the "scare" ... I guess it was another Jessie I was reading about ... all that matters is you are fine and dandy.)


Steph - April 26

Lilmum - I got your post on the other string... thanks for the info on the drano test. Sounds gross! haha! I guess I will just wait the 8 weeks (well, hopefully, he/she will not be shy!) I can hardly stand the wait! I have the utmost respect for those that can wait! I do not have that kind of patience!



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