The Wait Is Killing Me

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Kelly S - June 16

Hi, I am 22 and am due roughly around the 15 of jan. Was just wondering if there were any first time moms out there who are finding the wait till their first ultra sound excrutiating. Mine isnt for another nine days but i feel like im scared of what the doctor might say. Aside from the fact that i got real drunk in the second/third week not knowing i was pregnant i dont have any real reason to worry. Being the first time i just dont know whats normal and this first ultrasound feels like a mile stone. Any one else feel the same??


amber508 - June 16

This is my 2nd pregnancy, but I find the wait horrible as well. Just to calm your fears about drinking and not knowing youre preg that happened to me with my 1st pregnancy, i didnt know until i was about 2 months along.... and i had my 21st bday prior to my knowledge of my pregnancy. My daughter came out healthy and perfect Jan 24th 2005 9lbs 9oz 21 inches. So i am sure as long as you dont drink anymore, and keep as healthy as possible, your baby will be perfect. Good luck, and enjoy your pregnancy!


Kelly S - June 16

wow amber thanks for the re a__surance... that really had worried me a lot i felt so guilty!. i just cant wait for this wait to be over. glad im not the only one.


laura8 - June 16

i know exactly how you feel. my first docs appointment is on the 27 but im not sure if she will do an ultrasound or not. does anybody know if they always do one at you first visit???


Bluespace86 - June 17

I'm 20 and due sometime in late December...I'm waiting for the hospital to call me to schedule the u/s XD The wait is killing me everyone is finding out so late, I found out just 8 days ago that I was pregnant and today I got to hear my baby's heart beat at my first doc's app ^_^


Kelly S - June 17

lol i actually found out freakishly early, like three and a half weeks. could actually tell you when the test said no then yes lol. The doctor wanted to wait till ten-12 weeks to do the ultra sound and i havent had contact with him since so this wait has been awful. a month and a half. i will be so relieved if i can just find out everythings ok.


Bluespace86 - June 17

Well I hope everything goes well for you Kelly ^^ I'm a huge worrywart about everything that goes on with me and though it was rea__suring to hear my baby's heat beat I'm still not convinced that everything is okay...maybe after the ultrasound I will be okay. I guess I'm still in a kind of denial kind of stage where I don't believe this is really happening and I don't want to get too attached cause I'm scared of what might happen XD After the ultrasound i don't see my doc till July 7th.


Kelly S - June 17

thats exactly right bluespace! until i hear the heart beat and see it in 12 days i am in total denial, i refuse to let myself believe it too much because i would be shattered if something happened.. especially since now all my friends and family guessed it... I definately worry too much as well. It must have been so exciting hearing its heart beat i hope it all stays well.. ps if y our due late december the 21st is my birthday.. im hoping mine dont come early i dont like sharing presents lol :P


Bluespace86 - June 20

My ultrasound is scheduled for the 27th. I'm pretty scared and now the wait is even worse XD


Kelly S - June 20

mines the 28th......... good luck less than a week to go!


Seredetia - June 20

I'm finding it just unbearable waiting to see my doc for the first time tomorrow to confirm!! My nerves are everywhere. I don't know how far along I am, I don't know if it's healthy, I don't know if everything is normal with me AND the baby...I'm worried, but excited!! I really will be a basketcase when I find out that I can hear a surreal!!!


Bluespace86 - June 21

Wow XD Kelly S would you wait with me? Your's is right after mine. I hope we're all okay. Good luck Seredita! Waiting for my first doc app tore me apart, but I felt better afterwards.


Kelly S - June 21

yes it is close isnt it..... hope everything works out at least you have seen your doctor my doctor just referred me and i wont meet the new one till the ultra sound. its insane not knowing anything i know exactly how ya feel seredetia........


savanna - June 21

i know how you guys feel worying if everything is okay or not. and waiting to go to the doctors feels like an eternity. i was so paranoid i rented a fetal monitor off the internet and got it last week. it takes a while to find the heart beat but once i do i feel loads better. good luck to all of you.


Bluespace86 - June 26

Tomorrow's the day for me XD You guys gotta let me know how things turn out. I'm really anxious and really scared.


Kelly S - June 27

wow good luck..... hope today goes great . i ahve had the week off work sick with a flu so now all i got to do is wait for tomorrow..... let me know if its all ok... im excited for ya


Bluespace86 - June 27

Well I had my U/S today and I am 16 weeks and 1 day 0_0 I was like whoa, way more ahead than I thought...I missed the whole first trimester! I'm having a little boy! He wouldn't cooperate as he was in this weird sitting he was sitting inside me facing towards my feet. He was really active and the doctor had a hard time getting pictures. I was so happy and now I feel a lot more comfortable ^_^



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