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cchase - May 1

Hello ladies, I am new to the forum, motherhood and all of the acronyms you gals use! :-) I was due to have my period today. This is my 2nd month off the pill and trying. I took an early response test yesterday morning, and had a faint line. Took it again this morning and had a faint line. Called the doctor, went by the lab and gave a "sample" and am currently waiting for the on-call doctor to call and confirm. I hate this waiting. It is driving me nuts. I don't know what to think. Any experience with "faint" lines on a HPT. (That's the only acronym I know) :-) No, symptoms except no period today and a little unusual heartburn/indegestion. Is that a symptom anyway??


linzee - May 1

if you had two positives already, chances you are pregnant! so congrats! and heartburn is a symptom. i started having it about 10 weeks. im 11w6d now!


cchase - May 1

Thanks for responding. It is so hard when you're not really supposed to start blabbing about it yet, but you have so many questions. Especially since it's my first. (maybe)??


strop_gurl - May 2

I think that you are pregnant. keep us informed ; -) i have been off the pill since march 20 it's kelling me that i haven't had a period for last month (April). Hoping I am pregnant too : -}


kberg - May 2

I too just started trying ( I want off the pill 4 months ago/ 1st month really trying). I'm supposed to get my period tomorrow but I feel like I have symptoms-- totally exhausted, heart burn/indigestion, and abdominal cramping for the last 8 days or so. I want to take a test but I'm not sure if they're reliable now or if I should wait a couple of days after my missed period. I don't want to get my hopes up!!!


linzee - May 2

Kberg, you can test as soon as your period is missed. i tested 4 days before and got a negative, 2 days before and got a faint line, and 1 day after and got a very defined BFP. i used first response. you can probably get a correct answer tommorrow. if it comes negative, wait a week and try again!


amber508 - May 2

i had a faint line as well with First Response, and i have a lovely 15 month old daughter from it. You are probably pregnant. Congrats!



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