This Doesn T Feel Real

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michele - April 2

I just found out that I was pregnant through a blood test and a home pregnancy test, though I'm not showing ANY of the symptoms. If I am pregnant when can I be expecting these symptoms & is it possible to go through the prenancy w/o any symptoms b/c other than than the 2 tests I would have no idea that I was pregnant, so in a sense w/o the symptoms this doesn't feel real to me. Anyone else? (if I am pregnant I would be in my first trimester right now)


Melissa - April 3

Hi Michelle, I had no other symptoms other than sore b___sts and bloating. That didn't start until about 6 weeks and only lasted until 9 weeks. Not everyone experiences nausea. Unless you experience bleeding you should be fine. You may even have cramps for the first two months. Congratulations


BabyTiger - April 3

Congrats and aren't you the lucky one! Though you feel no symptoms at this time, take care of yourself the best you can. I have some symptoms (now at 8 weeks) but being 'pregnant' still don't seem 'real' to me *lol. I couldn't help thinking...ME??? :)) But inside I'm happy. Enjoy it!


Steph - April 3

Hi Michele, I know the feeling!! Although, I am almost 8 weeks pregnant. My symptoms include b___st soreness and fatugue, that is really it. I am always pushing on my b___sts to make sure that symptom is still there. It feels real, but since I am not experiencing nausea, like a lot of people, I feel different. Hang in there!!!


Angela - April 3

Hey ladies! Congratulations!!!!! I'm with you all of the way, michele!!!!!! It doesn't feel real, and I don't have any real symptoms (some dull cramping, increased metabolism and sleeping like a baby at night), but the positive hpt confirms! I guess we should take the lack of symptoms as a blessing because I'm sure this will feel very real before we know it. I find myself a little nervous when I think about it too much, sooo... I guess we should just eat healthily and go with it... enjoy. Is this your first? This is my first!!!!!! I'm on week 5/6, and I'm due November 30th... you? Its nice to chat with other pregger ladies out there!!!!!


Michele - April 4

Anglea: yes this is my first, I'm around 5 weeks now. This pregnancy came as quite a surprise to everyone, though I always say everything happens for a reason. As for my due date..not to sure yet. I'll probably find out on tuesday when I go to my gynie. But I do agree w/you when you said the lack of symptoms is a blessing, it truly is. Congrats 2 eveyone!!


C - April 4

Congrats Michele! I am 9 weeks and due Nov 11th. I have really only experienced some dull cramping and fatigue too!! Not everyome gets morning sickness...this is my 4 th pregnancy and I have NEVER experienced it!! So I am happy! Congrats to all you other pregnant ladies!!



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