This Is A Weird One

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JG - March 28

So my last period was feb 15th. It didn't come this month so I took about four test all first responce and i got four positives. Very bright pink positives. Then today just for kicks, i took and ept and it was a faint faint faint barely noticable line. Is it because one test can read less hcg than another test? I have a appointment to go in on april 13th, but I was just curious if anyone else has come accross this.


penny - March 28

JG- if it was the EPT +/- test the vertical line is known to be very faint. If you call the 800# on the box they'll tell you that as well. I had taken that, and then was frusterated so I went and bought a clear blue easy digital one, within secondes it displayed (Pregnant) Hope that helps Penny


JG - March 28

Penny, It was the one where there just need to be two verticle lines. And the pregnancy line was just really really faint.


penny - March 28

I have an extral Clear blue, want me to send it?? Ha ha ha...just kidding....My bet would be your pregnant!!! Keep us posted (go get a digital one) it will be worth putting your mind at ease!! (instead of waiting till the 13th ) that would drive me crazy!!


JG - March 28

yeah, your tellin mom told me to quit waisting money on tests cuz four test being positive should be a pretty good sign...lucky for me it was a two pack he he he so I will probably do it again in a couple of days. Thanks for your input!!


nix - March 29

i know, that positive home preg. test never gets old. If my hubby would let me, i'd probably take one every day, i love that feeling!


Kelly K - March 29

I took 7 myself before I'd believe it was true. I'm still tempted to buy them everytime I'm in the drug store. Guess I don't need to since I've had 2 ultrasounds and I'm usually there getting refills on my prenatal vitamins. :)


HB - March 29

not sure about that one but if you are pregnant, we have the exact same due date. My last period was Feb 15 too. Congrats to you if you are! You are 6 weeks along:)


JG - March 29

HB, have you gone in for an ultrasound yet? I go in on april 13th for my first one. I am pretty excited. I think it will feel more real once I have some dr. proof.



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