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JolieLucker - January 29

hey ladies.. i just came by here to let you all know what i did for my morning sickness.. it may not help everyone but it sureeeee helped me: when i was about 6wks i started getting morning sickness soo bad.. i didnt leave my house for almost 2months and i lost like 10lbs... it was h__l.. and not just morning it was all day.. anyways.. since this is my first pregnancy i didnt know what to expect, and your hungry symptoms ARE pretty much your nausea/sickness... ever TWO hours eat some crackers/INSIDE of apples (no skin) and stay away from oranges and orange juice,, it really helped me get out of the nausea state.. i know how hard it is to eat, but make sure you dont wait too long to eat or you'll get sick... im now about 16wks and feel greaaat.. got my baby bump and got my energy wooooooooo!! Also right before the second tri you'll feel sooo much better... hang in there, and at least try what i said.. it really works... just a little insight for first time mommas like me that had NO IDEA HOW SHITTY MS REALLY IS! goodluck- Jolie


JolieLucker - January 29

also.. morning sickness is a sign OF A VERYYYYYY healthy pregnancy =]


tk07 - January 29

i like to hear that!!!! i keep hearing that it means everything is going good, mine better be the way i am feeling!!! i have been trying to eat crackers often, it is hard! i am also sick all day long... i think my work is going to get suspicious...


tibby - January 30

the more i eat the better i feel if i dont eat i wish i wounld have dont have any problems with orange other than heart burn


Shannon - January 31

yeah, i find if i don't eat for too long, especially if i hold off on eating when i know i'm getting hungry, i'll feel queasy :(


tk07 - January 31

did you guys find that your morning sickness was different day to day? i can't tell if it is these sea bands helping and the different vitamin or if it is just better. it always makes me nervous when something decreases, you know??


misschrissie - January 31

sea bands definitely help.



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