Those Of You Who Are Around 11 13 Weeks

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GraceRenee - April 3

I am wondering if you can see a difference in your belly just above your pubic bone, or if you can feel your uterus at all. I am 11 weeks 3 days, and I have had two miscarriages in the last two years. I am worried because my stomach is still perfectly flat (except when I am bloated!) and I cannot begin to feel my uterus yet. I have a retroverted(tilted back) uterus, so I am trying not to worry, but my next appt. is not until week 15. (Military hospital, so it is not like I can just call up and ask to be seen sooner!) I still feel pregnant... m/s has eased, but still nauseous, I know I shouldn't worry, but it is sooo hard when you just don't know if all is okay! You ladies that have had miscarriages before, I am sure you know what I mean!!


Neets - April 3

Hi Grace. I'm 11wk 2d and I've noticed that my abdomen's changing. I had a m/c last yr and of course I too am a little worried, but everything seems fine, so I figure there's no point worrying, and am trying to enjoy the ride. Remember, everyone is different and I'm sure you'll start to show with time. My cousin didn't start to show until she was 4mths, and even then, it was hardly noticeable to the undiscerning. I've been lucky to have had 3 scans already, at 6,8, & 10wks. Though it's not uncommon to have your 1st appt at 12wks plus. As long as you're not experiencing severe pain or bleeding I'm sure you're bean will be OK. I know though that it is a rea__surance to have an early scan especially after a m/c. Still feeling pregnant is a positive indication that all's well. Take care.


GraceRenee - April 3

Thanks for the rea__surance Neets. I had an 8 week scan because of my miscarriages and we did see a hbt but my next appt. isn't until 15 weeks! Seeing the hbt was rea__suring but the next day the doubts were back, since with one of my miscarriages the baby developed until 9 weeks. Oh for the care free pregnancy days before I ever had a miscarriage! I took so much for granted!


Suede - April 3

Hi Grace. I will be 11 weeks exactly tomorrow, and have noticed a small bump just above my pubic bone. I really can relate to you though, as I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks in December. I also had a scan at 7 weeks, heard a healthy heartbeat, but the paranoia never seems to go away. It does however sound like you are still pregnant. All I can recommend is try get your hands on a fetal doppler so you can at least check your babies heartbeat at home. I live in South Africa, and that is quite frustrating, as now I have to import from another country. Hope you are in a country where they are easy to get your hands on. Good luck!!!


amyn - April 3

Grace- I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow and I also have a tilted uterus (retroverted). I have a very small bump above my pubic bone, you can really see it when I'm bloated from food and stuff. I had some spotting last week on Thursday so I went in and the doctor did an ultrasound and we saw the baby move about and saw the heart beat but I"m like you I'm still really worried becasue I don't have an appt now till the 27th of this month. I guess we just need to do our best not to stress, stress isn't good for us or the baby. Good luck.


SuzieQ - April 3

I've had two m/c as well and am now 14w1d. I had a doc appt last week and he could just feel the tip of my uterus above my pubic bone. He said that since I ovulated later (I have long cycles) and that I'm tall (5'8") that I probably won't be able to feel a bump more until 15 weeks. I'm a bit worried, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I have a belly right now, but it's definitely not my uterus.


Neets - April 4

It never does, but what's the point in worrying about the unknown. It's easy for me to say this (but even harder for me to put into practise my wise words!!) I'm trying to take very day as it comes – but, of course, everyday when I go for a wee I check to see if there's any bleeding.....and there never is. I have a 12wk scan on Monday which has always been my milestone. But I know, once Monday pa__ses I'll start thinking my next scan willn't be until 2 May - and again, the waiting will seem infinite!! I’m trying to enjoy the ride and deal with whatever may or may not come my way, as before I realise it, I'll hopefully have a baby in my arms and I'll wonder where the last 9 mths went!!


scarlett - April 5

I will be having my first obgyn appointment at 12 weeks, which is sometime next week. I can't wait! And it's making me sooo nervous because I really want to know that everything's ok. I can understand how you feel, esp since you've had a m/c before. But like what everyone else said, there's no point worrying about the unknown. I'm just trying to keep my cool here too =)


eyes82000 - April 5

Congrats to everyone making it this far! I'm 12w2d pregnant and feeling ok besides being really tired all the time. I had a lot of m/s on and off early in the pregnancy, but all is good now. I was just wondering about at how many weeks can they tell the s_x of the baby? I know I'm still very early and won't know for awhile, but I was just wondering.


tryingx3 - April 5

Eyes - I had ultrasound last Friday, 14 wk, 5 days and ALL the signs of a GIRL. The ultrasound was remarkably clear, although many say it is too early to tell. The ultrasound tech has been doing this for over 20 years too.



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