Those Who Got Pregnant Fast What S Your Secret

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Pg Fast - July 12

I took prenatals for more than a month b4 I tried and I relaxed and bd'd every other day and enjoyed every minute of it!!!!!


ali - July 12

I've been on prenatals since November, I've been temping 7 months, checking cervix height, mucous watching, b___t on pillow, tried every night months, every other night months so if i'm not pregnant this month (I'm on my two week wait!!) i will be seeing a fertility clinic. I'm just waiting for them to call me after my family doc sends in my referral. I'm in Canada so the workup is free but anything they find out wrong and needs fixing won't be. I'm hoping this is the month though.


becky - July 12

hi, the 1st thing i'd tell u is not to get stressed out, don't make it all about making a baby, have fun and enjoy that time with ur husband. 2nd as far as what i did, we pretty much did it all the time about 2 or 3 times a day, and i always pee'd right after cause of UTI problems. thats pretty much all it took, no vitimains, no fertility pills or ovulation kits. i stoped taking the pill and i got pregnant wayyyy before my next period was due, 3 weeks before it was due. so don't stress it let things happen, and if you really think there is a problem go see ur doc.


Brooke - July 12

Have s_x when you have a lot of discharge. That carries the sperm.


Ca__sie - July 12

We got pregnant on the first try after getting off the pill. We thought it would take a while, but nope. Had my period right after getting off the pill as normal, and then a few weeks after that, got pregnant. Never had another period. I've read that s_x every other day is good because s_x every day might lead to a low sperm count and s_x only once every other week (or less) is also not the best (the man needs expel it more often). I also slightly elevated my bottom for about 10 minutes afterward. And like a lot of ladies have said... we just had fun. We didn't expect to get pregnant, but I was on vitamins and taking precautions just in case. Good luck!


sophie - July 12

Hello, all these ladies have very good suggestion but I would like to add one more...I am 40 and tried for 8 months. I finally got the Clear Blue Ovulation Digital Monitor which helped to pin point ovulation but still no luck..I finally thought it could be my cervical mucus so I tried this product called Pre-seed...low and behold I got pregant first cycle trying...coincidence perhaps. Anyway thought I would share that with you as well.


Hanna - July 13

This worked for us: we both stopped drinking alcohol even before we started ttc. I only drank healthy green teas, etc. (no caffeine). I watched my mc like a hawk (egg-white mc was really easy for me to spot) and around ovulation bd'd every day. I didn't wait very long to pee because those uti's aren't any fun! I would occasionally put my legs up to my chest for about five minutes. Good luck ali!


Hanna - July 13

Forgot to tell you: I also took my temps every morning at the same time.


randi - July 13

Hi. Im 5 weeks pregnanat. I've been wanting to become pregnant for a while now. I know i used to worrie about it alot and relized it takes alot longer when you worrie and try so hard so i went on the internet and looked up pregnany calender and found out my ovulating days i even did the ovulation kit to be sure and had s_x every day on those days and had fun i dint worrie about it or anything i layed down and didnt get up for about 30 min. MY PERIOD NEVER CAME. I saw the doctor and she did a v____al sonagram and we saw my babys heart beat.


L. - July 13

I agree on being relaxed- once we had a plan on maybe doing IVF, that cycle I was more relaxed (and drinking more)- figured that when we did IVF I'd go back in.. Oh, I also cut out any decaf- I read that decaf can be more processed and worse than caf. - so I have a naturally decaf tea now..


hi - July 13

pretend like you are not trying to get pregnant! be excited, enjoy eachother, make love! good luck!


Jess - July 14

We conceived on our second attempt. Although everyone is different here is what we did. I was taking a prenatal vitamin, because you don't know when you are first pregnant. We would try to have s_x every day around the time I was ovulating. After s_x I would prop my hips up and lay there for about 25 minutes. I think timing is huge so as long as you know when you are ovulating you have the best shot. Good luck, I'm sending baby dust your way.


ali - July 14

thanx for all the insights, other than some of those specialty teas that got mentioned i've tried it all. Preseed felt great but didnt work for us either and its far too expensive once you pay duty into Canada etc. I go see the fertility guy on Wed which will be day 25 of my cycle so who knows maybe i'll be pregnant or if like last month that would be day 2 of my next cycle.


Binx - July 14

Ali...this month I tried a fertility microscope. It shows a fern pattern when you are about to ovulate. Also I took Robitussin (with guaifenesin as the only active ingredient--no DM), 2 tsp three times a day until after I ovulated. It is supposed to thin the cm to make it easier for the sperm to swim up. I was worried because I thought my luteal phase was too short, so I drank one cup of red raspberry leaf tea each day (you can get it at a health food store) and I also took a B complex vitamin along with my prenatal. Both of those are supposed to lengthen you luteal phase. I don't know if it was one thing I tried or all, but I just got a BFP yesterday! Worth a try, and not too expensive. Good luck to you and lots of babydust!


ali - July 14

hey binx, thanx for the tea advise, i think my luteal might be a bit short. Done the guiffenenin 3 months in a row and it helped some too. good luck with your pregnancy. I'll know this week one way or the other. If i'm pg great, if not i see the fertiltiy doc on Wednesday.


alw - July 28

We did it 4 days in a row before ovulation and on the night of ovulation I stayed in bed i put a pillow under my b___t for about 30 min. and then stayed in bed until the next morning we got pg the first try with my son the 3rd try with my daughter and the 1st try with this baby i'm 5 weeks alone.



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