Those Who Got Pregnant Fast What S Your Secret

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alw - July 28

We did it 4 days in a row before ovulation and on the night of ovulation I stayed in bed i put a pillow under my b___t for about 30 min. and then stayed in bed until the next morning we got pg the first try with my son the 3rd try with my daughter and the 1st try with this baby i'm 5 weeks alone.


Rach - July 29

I got pregnant after 2 months of trying. We had intercourse regularly-everyday or every second day between days 10 and 20 of my cycle. I also put a pillow under my bottom and stayed there for 30 mins. This was advised by my doctor.


amy - July 29

vitamin b6 and baby aspirin (81 mgs) or ovulex...took me 5 months


sue - July 29

please don't take what I did as an insult, just poting in case others in a similar situation see this thread. But to achive pregnancy after being unable to ovulate for 10+ years I had to lose a lot of weight. I took pretty drastic measures to do so but once my BMI go to a normal range I got Preg, finaly at 38, for the first time in my life. We did it every other day right after my period went away, we were going to chart and measure and other stuff, but I just got lucky once we did the happy dance at the right time.


buddha lover - July 29

smoke weed. it helped me. 23 weeks now, and NO i'm not smoking it while pregnant.


Ah - July 29

took the pill for 3 months. then went off it and ttc like crazy the same month I went off. Worked like a charm.


emma - July 30

Hi, We were trying for a year with my first pregnancy with no luck so bought some cheap ovulation tests off ebay and had s_x the night when the test showed positive for ovulation and the next two nights. Hey presto.......I got pregnmant!!! We decided we wanted another so again we bought the same tests, I came off the pill, detected ovulation, s_x for the next three nights........waited patiently... hey presto pregnant again!!!! Im now 9 weeks and my son is just 6 months old! Good luck x


Lisa D - July 30

I am a big believer in the book (I think the t_tle is) "Taking Control of Your Fertility". I had a MC in May, I am 35 and my mom is dying of cancer so time is of the essence. I read the book, charted my temperature and discharge (stretchy, milky, etc.) and found everything right on schedule and pregnant the first month I started trying... at age 35 I think that is pretty good. I'd be happy to elaborate if you want to chat. My phone number is 925-518-5751. Best of luck!!!


tj - August 1

Pregnant first try, s_x only once, using the book Taking Control of Your Fertility.


jessielouwho - August 3

I'll tell you my story, in May, I completely missed a period, since January I had been completely obsessed with getting pregnant. I went to the doctor and had a blood test done which came back negative. I was so devastated I gave up on it, quit thinking about. Quit having s_x so often, quit putting my b___t up on a pillow everytime, quit trying to figure out when I was ovulating. I just quit thinking it was going to happen as soon as I wanted it to. 2 months later in May, I got a positive hpt. Went to the drs for a blood test, it came back positive. So I'm sure you've read and heard this over and over, but I think you just have to quit concentrating on it so much and it will happen. Another thing that may have something to do with it is we got really freaky one night (hehe), I think it was the night of conception.


Stacey - August 3

We used the Clearblue fertility test and it told us exactly what day to try. The doctor also told us to have s_x on the 8th, 10th, 12th-16th days. It definitely worked because we were pregnant within the first month. Also, stay in bed for at least 30 minutes afterwards. In my opinion, it's best to do it right before bedtime. Good luck to you!


brw - August 4

Got married and went on honeymoon. Must have been being very relaxed and happy I guess


Jada - August 4

Well I preg the first time on the second cycle (unfortunalty that ended in M/c). three month later I am prego again. This time anytime I felt discharge whether it was lotiony, ewcm, whatever, I had s_x. The thing is I never saw the EWCM both times. So if you have cm just do it because you never know.


Janay - November 8

i got a question, waht is bbt exactly?


nola-gal - November 8

ali, i guess i don't need to tell you this, but i think you're troubles are related to your being older. however, i will tell you how it happend for me. i know the exact day is must have been, because for me and my parter, that was the only time we didn't use a condom. here's the details. i was late for my period, and had just gotten negative blood test results back that day. we were not ttc, but would have been happy. i really thought my period was starting all day, becuase i was soooo wet with cm all day. what i now know is that it was ewcm. tons of it. we were sitting on the couch, and i ambushed him. sitting up, me on top, you get the picture. we didn't think about the condom until was so we were both dying for it. afterward, i stayed on him and we slept for like 125 minutes and he was still inside. maybe that helped the little guys get up there...i don;t know. and when my period never came, i began to worry, looked up info on cm, and thought, "oops!" and here i am about four weeks along. we used condomes for two weeks before that day and two weeks after. had to be oct. 25. my advice...chill out and listen to your libido. when you get really wet with ewcm, attack! good luck! it'll happen when it's right. i know a woman who spent thousands on treatments with no success, and after they stopped "trying" she became fertile myrtle. she is 43 with three adorable ones...between 6 and 3.


sashasmama - November 8

Janay, bbt stands for basal body temperature. It's the temp of your body at rest (after at least 2 hours of sleep), you take it with a basal body temp. thermometer every morning upon awakening, before you move or drink anything. It helps you pinpoint your ovulation.



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