Three Faint Lines 3 Days In A Row On FRER

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Carly67 - December 25

Hey Girls, I don't know if you remember me but I was due in March for my fifth child but m/c August 28th. Well after waiting 3 cycles I got a faint positvie on a FRER at 13 dpo and another Faint on FRER and a Dollar Tree at 14 dpo. I am so scared that I will m/c again because the lines are faint. With my youngest who is 8 months his hpt turned dark on the day my period was due. I have a question have any of you had faint lines and then went on to have a healthy pregnancy. I need some support here I am so happy but so worried.


barakats - December 25

I hope everything goes well with you and you have been blessed with 5 children everything will be ok. As for myself I need someone who s experienced in the feild of child baring to give me a little advise .


Carly67 - December 25

What advice do you need?


cynthia3 - December 26

Carly67 - I had very faint lines on several tests and have a nearly 2 year old now. I know it's hard to stop worrying after m/c (I had multiple) but each pregnancy is completely its own ent_ty. What was true for one, may be opposite for another so don't strictly rely on what happened before to guide you this time. Good luck!


calicandy - December 26

Dear Carly, I know I'm not the most experient person to give advice because this is my first baby and I'm only 5 weeks, however, I studied a lot about the faint lines since that's wha I got.... 3 das before my period was due I got a very faint line on my first response, then I kept doing it, also got very faint lines all times.... until I was 2 days after period was due, and that was when I got 2 extremely strong pink lines! The lines are only related to the a mount of hormone you are carrying with yyu. They will get stronger with timefor sure! Do not worry about it, sit down relax and I am sure you will have a wonderful pregnancy. Congratulations!!


sarah21 - December 26

Hi Carly, I saw your post on the March thread. I got a very faint positive 3 days after my period was due, too. Don't worry about it! You'll more than likely be just fine


Carly67 - December 27

Hi I just wanted to update you all that I started bleeding this morning so in my case the faint lines did mean something was wrong. Good luck to all of you.


calicandy - December 28

dear Carly, I am so sorry... have you asked a doctor yet about it????


mjvdec01 - December 28

Carly, I am so sorry to hear. We are all thinking of you.


Carly67 - December 29

I have an appointment on the 3rd but I am sure it was a chemical pregnancy.


treshala - December 29

It could just be that you are early and your hormone level isnt that high yet.



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