Three Weeks Pregnant

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D Ella - October 19

I have had a sharp pain (three times) radiate from my left side of my adomen right up to below my br___t area. Is this normal this early? Also, slight shoulder & back pain - nothing excrutiating. My pelvic area was sore this morning as well. I am going to vist the doctor tomorrow just to be on the safe side. Has anyone else experienced this so early on? What are the earliest pregnancy symptoms everyone else has experienced?


Kelly - October 19

Hi, if you don't mind me asking, just curious, i'm in my 2nd month TTC, after the pill... How long did it take you to get pregnant?


D Ella - October 19

We got pregnant right away. We started trying the first weekend in October and that is when we conceived.


Kelly - October 19

Wow, that's great.... Were you on the pill for any length of time? I was for 7 years...


Dia - October 19

Hi D Ella, I have a lot of common pregnancy symptoms. I am 6 weeks pregnant though....I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was 5 weeks, so I didn't really have any early symptoms. Talk to your doctor...but I think your body is prepping for a lot of changing! Good luck!! Kelly - I was on the pill for 6 years and it took me 3 months...hope that helps!!


J - October 19

D Ella - from what you are describing with the shoulder pain and all. It could be an ectopic pregnancy. I would call your doctor as soon as possible.


Want to Know... - October 20

Hi Ella, how did you know you were pg? Pain in the shoulder does NOT indicate ectopic pregnancy.


Laci - October 22

You should try Clear Blue Easy Ovulation predictor kit - Don't buy the expensive one. Just get the urination sticks. THey work like HPT's but you take a test every day. If you're ovulating it'll show a smiley face. If you're not it'll show a plain circle. I tried it and was pregnant after the first month of using them. We were only off the pill for three months. By the way - shoulder pain could be indicitave of an EP. But as always, you should consult your doctor. Best of luck to all...


D Ella - October 26

I went to the doctor and she took blood over several days to determine whether my hcg levels were elevating as they should. Thus far, everything looks great. Thanks for your responses.


amanda - October 27

how did you know so soon on that you were pregnant??



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