Throwing And Not Able To Eat Anything Please Help

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Shiva - October 23

Hi Ladies!! today I am 6w2d. yesterday I throw up 03times in the evening. and since today morning I had one apple that also I just went to bathroom and throw up. Not able to eat anything always feeling like I am going to throw up. Please suggest what should I take. Thanks in advance.


Shiva - October 23

Please anyone!!! share your views


fefer1 - October 23

I'm so sorry! I was in the same boat. I'm 7-8 weeks and it started at 5 weeks too. I tried Vitamin B6, 50mg twice a day, I tried a unisom tablet at night - didn't work. The dr finally gave me a prescription for Zofron and it is working. I still am slight nauseated and borderline wanting to throw up but I can actually go about my day again and eat!!! Check with your doctor about any of the methods I tried - I had to ask them first. If you can't keep anything down, especially water - go to the ER. It is really bad to get dehydrated - more so than not eating.


Shiva - October 23

fefer1- Actually I am worried about baby will empty stomach hurt baby? Because since today morning I am not able to eat anything I ate apple I throwed up after half an hour. Now before half an hour only I had 1banana and just now again I throwed up. I don't know what to say I am not hungry at all I am feeling my throat is completely got cuts inside because of vomiting. and I tried doctors number but my doctor's office opens only mon, wed, & Fri. Today no one is in office. right now I am in office I didn't tell in my office yet. I have no idea what to do.


Mandersmm - October 23

Shiva, I know exactly how you feel. With ds I had the same problem and now I'm pregnant with #2 and it's starting again. I would call the doctor. If it's really severe, you don't want to get dehydrated and they can give you something to settle your stomach. I was put on Reglan and it helped a lot.


hopeful24 - October 23

Shiva, hi I was in your same shoes and guess what I still am. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant. I have taken all the medication there is possible and it is barely helping, but for most women it will get better. I am sure you will be one of those. I would suggest to eat small meals and keep a little something in your stomach. At this stage in your pregnancy the baby does not need a large amount of nutrients and will get what they need from you. I would talk to you doctor and see what they have to say. Good luck.


fefer1 - October 24

Shiva - have you talked to the doctor yet? Have you been able to keep anything down?


sarah21 - October 24

You should go to your Dr. and get some medication for the nausea. They are safe and will help you feel a lot better!


Shiva - October 29

Hi Friends You know my doctor asked me to stay without any prescription since I am getting lite brown spotting also. I am worried and throwing is normal routine everyday. Everytime I feel I am going to throw specially when I think of eating something there is nothing I can eat without throwing. What should I do?? Please help!!


joannapianna - November 8

The best way to combat nausea is to eat ginger biscuits or even a herbal tea, just eat small ammounts regulary, for beakfast try, poached egg on toast or something......its important to keep your energy levels up even if your being sick. But a cup of tea and a couple of ginger nuts should do the trick.



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