Throwing Up

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jennagirl1 - September 21

This is my first pregnancy and I have a chest congestion cold. I cough ALOT and pretty much throw up anything that I eat. I am VERY concerned that I am starving my baby. Someone please let me know


kay101 - September 21

A lot of women have a hard time eating during their first trimester, and many even lose a couple pounds. Your prenatals should help a lot with nutrition. If you are really concerned try talking to your doctor. Are you throwing up because of the cold or just morning sickness? If it's from being sick, the cold will pa__s soon and you won't have to worry anymore. Try eating dry things like crackers or toast and eat in small quant_ties. You could also try drinking something like boost or insure for added calories and protien.


ChattyKathy - September 22

Its normal to be concerned, but thats what the vitamins are for. Take them before you go to bed. You're less likely to throw them back up that way.


cynnababy - September 22

Don't worry, the baby will not starve as he/she is now feeding on the yolk sac (it's already there). Keep taking the prenatal as ordered by the doctor. If the prenatal is making you sick, try to take it in the evening, or switch over to a different one.


HeavenisMine - September 23

All I ate were dry cereals and toast in my first trimester, and even some of those were too hard to handle. I ended up losing nine pounds by sixteen weeks. My little girl is alright though, 31w6d and still kicking. Try not to worry, and yes find an alternative for awhile if your prenatals make you sick, mine did. Try soft chewable vitamins instead, and eat them at a time you feel less sick. It'll be over soon, don't worry :)


sarah21 - September 24

Good advice everyone. Also if it gets too bad to handle, the Dr. can prescribe some safe meds to help you get through this phase.



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