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kristinns25 - February 7

I was diagnosed with Grave's disease about five years ago and was treated. Now I am hypothyroid and take Synthroid for thyroid replacement. I am 10 weeks and they have already had to up my dosage. Any one here have thyroid problems? How did pregnancy affect it?


kimberly - February 7

Do you still have your thyroid? I ask because my sister has Grave's disease. She had radiation thearpy and her thyroid was destroyed. Before she had the radiation she was pregnant with my niece and suffered with high blood pressure and was put on bed rest and then spent the last month in the hospital. My niece was born healthy. She also is on snythroid, and was with her last 2 pregnancies, she did have to have it adjusted from time to time but didn't have any serious complications. She has had 4 kids and they are all healthy, she also got heart damage from her hpothyroid and also takes heart pills and she was still fine. Hope the same goes for you.


kristinns25 - February 8

thanks! Yes, i also had the radiation to destroy my thyroid. The docs aren't too concerned I just always feel exhausted when it is too low....


kimberly - February 8

I am sure you will do great! Just make sure they do regular testing on your levels!!


jgandy - February 8

I have hypothyroidism. I am 5 weeks pg and they just raised my synthroid dosage. I have to have my blood taken every 6 weeks to monitor it. I didn't have a thryoid prob with my 1st child. So this is new to me and has worried me. As long as it's monitored and the meds are taken hopefully everything will be ok.


Diva647 - February 8

I'm hyper-thyroid, my Endo calls it "smouldering hyperthyroidism" altho a few years ago I was told it's Graves. It's a long story but I've never had it treated. I had it when I was preggers w/my 1st baby 4 yrs ago & she came out healthy & normal & 8lbs!! Now my extremely arrogant Endo want me to take methimazole (tapazole) to treat my thyroid (I'm 13+weeks) & I don't want to take it cuz I read it has some awful side-effects on the baby. But he's tryin to guilt me into taking it, says I could get pre-eclamsia, miscarry or have a small baby. It's hard for me to trust him cuz my 1st was great, plus I don't think he's giving me full disclosure. There is some really useful information on the American Throid a__soc. website about pregnancy & thyroid: hypo & hyper. Good Luck ! OH, when I was preggers B4 I had a different Dr. & he told me that your thyroid levels change during pregancy because of the hormones or whatever, so you should be producing more hormones, & if yours doesn't produce the thryoid hormone maybe that's why they upped your drugs? I'm just hypothiesizing here, I'm not an expert or anythin.



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