Tilted Uterus

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Stephanie - October 31

Hi...I am in my 9th week of pregnancy. I went to my 1st dr. appointment last friday and my dr. told me I was only measuring at 4-6 weeks. So...I went and got an ultrasound done and they said i measured fine (at 9 weeks) and I got to see the baby move around, but my question is...They told me I might have a tiltled uterus...does anyone know what that is or if it will effect my pregnancy...I am a little worried. Thanks for your help!!!


mama-beans - October 31

Don't worry. I too have a very tilted uterus ( but mine is tilted out, so I always measure big, with cervix pointing at my back), and although it was one of the things that complicated conception ( with us) It really has had no effect on either my first pregnancy or this one, of which I am 8 weeks. In fact, I haven't heard of a tilted uterus doing anything but possibly making conception a little more difficult. It also made breaking my water with my first a bit of a fiasco.. my doc was a woman with very short fingers, or something... so a different doc did it, no big deal. I really wouldn't concern yourself with it, and if it really bothers you, just ask your OB... you'll be fine.


Renee - October 31

Stephanie, from what I have been told, it will not affect your pregnancy. My uterus is tilted as well, it is tilted towards the back. It didn't cause for problems conceiving but it made it difficult at 11 weeks to pick up a hb on the doppler. As a result, I had an u/s the next day so that we could see the hb and the baby moving around. Don't be worried at all, from what a nurse told me about 12 years ago when it was discovered that I have a tilted uterus is that there are 5 common positions that the uterus can be "suspended" in so to speak. Some are more tilted than others. Just enjoy your pregnancy!! Best wishes!!


Jean - November 1

hi. im on the 15 weeks now and have a t_tled uterus too (pointing back). My OB told me that i am fine. Though when the first time that she checked baby's heartbeat using the doppler, she cant detect it so i was advised to have the ultrasound to make sure that everything is fine. I asked a lot of friends too and did a lot of reading, but mostly they say that we dont need to worry about this. Best wishes on your pregnancy.



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