Time To Tell Parents

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Cal - November 4

I am at the end of my 13 weeks so this weekend is THE ONE! We are going to surprise my husbands parents and then drive down and surprise my mom. I am so nervous. I'm starting to think that I am imagining being pregnant. My husband keeps laughing at me because I want to take one more preg test...just to make sure. We've already taken 4! Anybody else nervous about telling the family?


maya - November 4

I told them right away when I got the positive test, and after seeing the doctor the day after. Now almost two months later everything is good. Yesterday my doctor gave me the good news that my percentages of ms had dropped to the levels that stay till the end. I had tears in my eyes when I heard him say that.


Terri - November 4

Cal. Congrats. Me and my husband are also waiting to tell the great news so I know how you feel. Just think how happy they will be. Stop at the store and pick up some baby bodysuits or bibs that say "I Love Grandma/Grandpa" and give as a gift. They will love that. Good luck


Mia - November 7

I am almost 7 weeks and I am 18...I have a doctor's appointment on the 17 of Novemeber...I haven't told my parents that I am pregnant...I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of how I could teel them....This pregnancy was not planned and I am not married, but I plan to get married before I have the baby...any advice would be helpful.


Tiffany - November 7

I told my mom right away but his parents we waited on. They make me so freakin mad. first we get lectured on having a baby were both 21 then now that my husband is in boot camp they seem to be treating me like i dont belong. Sorry everyone i just need to vent. Well we are going to see him graduate on Dec. 1st and i am paying for my stuff on the trip. His parents make alot of money at least 5 thousand a month. I really dont expect them to pay for me. Ok anyway when i went to talk about the trip with them they said well were were just going to put you on a cot in our hotel room to save money! WOW I will be 4 months pregnant and put on a cot. The hotel rooms have 2 beds per room and i would be put on a cot? Then they said that they decided not to because they guess that wouldnt be fair. Then now they are saying that they are not paying 1 cent to bring him home for christmas he will have to tough it out. WTF. This is there only son. I am going to do whatever i can to bring him home for christmas i just really want to spend that week with him. They made me cry so much. How in the world can they do that to their son? They know that all he wants to do is come home and see everyone. Thank god for my parents. They have been the best support i have had. They live paycheck to paycheck and they said that they are going to help as much as they can so that they can see him! I jsut know that when his parents see him they are going to be like we are so happy that you came home!! I cant stand my inlaws. Thanks for letting me vent.


Renee - November 7

Well, we're going to tell our parents on Thanksgiving because I don't think I could avoid "have some wine wiht me" statement a thousand times over that day. I'll be going into my 11th week then, so I guess it'll be safe enough. We've decided we're going to arrive at my in-laws a little earlier than all the other guests (with my parents in tow) and tell them together. That way they have the chance to absorb it before everyone else arrives. I'm nervous about their reactions. On one side, I'm sure everyone will be overjoyed, but on the otherside I can't help but wonder if anyone will say somehting rude - we're only married for 6 months (but we've been together for 6 years). I think it's just my hormones kicking me around.


stressed - November 7

I am 8 weeks. We have already told our parents. We have also told my three best friends: two sister in laws and a cousin. My in laws are really upset that there daughter (hubby's sister), daughter in law (hubby's youngest brother's wife), and niece(hubby's cousin's wife) know, but there son (hubby's older brother) and family do not. You see, this is our fourth pregnancy since Aug 04 (obviously three miscarriages). We are so fearful and on edge that we have not opened ourselves up to anyone but our closest support systems. My circle of three has been there night and day for me through these trials (two of them have had two miscarriages themselves). I am so upset that his parents are putting pressure on us to tell the other brother who has not been there for us in the least bit. We have tried to explain that we have told the people who are our friends not just family. They just don't understand. They have made this pregnancy completely about my brother in law and wife not knowing instead of celebrating every day we have a living baby in me. I will not give in, though. I told my husband he can tell this bro anytime he wants, but I will also tell my four siblings at the same time. He doesn't want that many people knowing right now as neither do I. But I think that is only fair. If he wants to tell his bro as a confidant that is different, but his brother is the farthest thing from one for my hubby. In fact at the news of our last lost, he said "It happens to a lot of people." Just needed to vent. I have also told my husband, that before we announce this, we will tell our other two children (6 &3) first. Thanks for reading my rambling.



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