Tired Anyone

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mokanna - February 21

I am 10weeks pregnant and I am very tired all the time.....I almost feel blue. Anyone else experiencing this? My body feels very different, and I just want to lay around, but I can't, I have to go to work. Aweee....I hope this passes!


amma2b - February 21

mokanna, i felt the same way in the first trimester. i had morning sickness too. I was literally counting days. but after 14 weeks i started feeling better and i feel like i have lot of energy now. oh, by the way now i am 21 weeks and 4days :-) . So hang in there you will be ok.


llukenjess - February 21

OMG i feel almost blue too....i am 9w4d and i have been tired since day 1!! it's horrible


joey - February 21

YES!!! It's completly normal..and completly normal to feel that way. this is bubs #2 for me and I'm 8 weeks...both preg's I have been SO tired in 1st trimester. it does get better...I know it feels at the mo like it will never end, but it does. I just think it's pathetic business doesn;t allow you to have at least a 30min cat nap at some point in the day when you're pregnant, you'd function SO much better and you're body is pretty much screaming out to you for sleep- and you have to ignore it and push on. Can't be the best thing for us ladies.... I'm not feminist but we def live in a mans world...I'm sure if men got pregnant there'd be a 'one nap/day' policy while pregnant! Anywy just wanted to put my frustrated 2 cents in :-)


amysophie - February 22

Hi Mokanna, i am also 10 weeks, and very tired, just go easy on yourself at this time and rest when you can. i usually wake up at 8 and then it takes me an hour to actually feel ready for the world! lol somedays i dont even make it off the couch! but when i feel less tired i try to get as much done as poss.


mokanna - February 22

Hi Everyone, thanks for you responses...I feel better knowing that it's normal. I agree, they should allow for 5 minute cat naps....make it 10! :) When does the pregnancy glow start? I don't fee like I'm glowing, I feel like I look more tired than normal! :( It's good to know it will eventually pa__s. (((HUGS))) Mokanna


MelanieC - March 5

i was soooooooooooo tired during the first few weeks, i was so discouraged and so depressed at feeling so lazy, but at my prenatal cla__s the nurse said it was quite normal since your body is going through so many changes, and your heart is pumping 40% more blood in your system to provide for this baby, it's quite normal to feel drained, and it's very important to rest as much as possible, and take lots of naps, and it usually goes away at the beginning of your 2nd trimester, but comes back at the end of your pregnancy, of course, :) , i'm in my 12 week and it is finally getting better, not feeling so drained as before, but between week 6 and now... it was awful, i felt like i could fall asleep anywhere and anytime, don't get discouraged, it's normal and it gets better :)



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