To All Mommies To Be That First Got Negative Hpts

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Fire - June 19

I'm just wondering how many women have missed a period but got negative pregnancy tests. How long did it take to get a positive? I'm already about 3 wks late but still getting negatives, so I'm wondering if this is common and I might be pregnant or if there's something else that would have caused me to miss a period (which has never happened to me before). Please share your stories! =)


Danielle26 - June 20

It is possible that you didn't ovulate, which would mean you didn't get a period. Stress, illness, more or less exercise than usual, and travel are just some of the things that could prevent ovulation. Sometimes our bodies just decide not to ovulate for a month or two. When was the last time you had unprotected s_x? Two to three weeks after should be plenty of time to get a positive test, but there are rare instances where women have gotten neg HPTs even when pg. If you're truly concerned, get an appointment with your doctor for a blood test. Good luck!


izzysmom - June 20

Hi there. With my first pregnancy I showed a faint positive but when I went to the doctors to confirm the pregnancy I was told that my test done at the clinic was negative and that Iwas not Pregnant. However I told them that I really thought I was and asked for a blood test. After 1 very long night of wondering I was called the next day and told that I was indeed pregnant... I am now pregnant with my second and for the first 2 weeks after my period was due all test were negative. Only on the 3rd week did they begin to show positive and those were extremely faint. The only way to know for sure is through a blood test. Good Luck.


misslarue - June 21

Hi, I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my first child. My AF was due May 17th. I did an early predictor test on May 21st which was negative even though the test could detect 4 days BEFORE my AF. I did not get a very faint positive until May 28th.


JESS1980 - June 21

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant, and the first hpt I took was negative. I missed my period during November, so I took a hpt. It was negative. Since my husband and I had been using protection, I really didn't believe I was pregnant. So instead of retesting, I just played the "waiting game." I waited until my next period, which should have come in December. And once again, I missed it. I took another hpt and this time is was positive! Turns out, I was pregnant! I think I tested too soon in November or maybe did the test incorrectly. Good Luck!


Natashasmomma - June 21

I missed my period in April.. which lead me to belive i was pg. I took 6 test between April 28th and May 10th which all were negative. Made me loose all hope. When my period was supose to be here in may I finally took another test May 18th and it came back postive so I went out and bought 3 different brands all came back pos. Call my obgyn asked for a blood test and came back postive. I am now 9weeks Pregnant.


daisy22 - June 22

Good to hear! I am also 2 weeks late and getting negatives.. argghh the waiting is horrible!


ZenGirl - June 22

daisy22 are you having other pregnancy symptoms? what are they?


Fire - June 23

Thank you all so much for your input! I'm about 3 wks late now and still haven't gotten a positive (which makes me worry that something else is wrong). It's been about a week since I took the last test but I think I may just wait and see if I get my next af in about 10 more days. Do you all think that's a good idea or should I test again? I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. I'm surprised how many women miss a period and get negative tests (when they're actually pregnant)!


daisy22 - June 23

My symptoms have been feeling tired, and nasous on and off. The other day when I went into a groccery store it smelled like fried chicken so strongly i felt sick to my stomache. I have felt a bit crampy on and off too.. so i dont know if that means af is coming, or if its pregnancy cramps. Thats about it for my symptoms. I have a cold right now as well, and I hardly ever get sick. probably does't have to do with being pregnant tho.. i moved in with my bf and his kids are sick alot so now im probably being exposed to more colds and whatnot. My b___sts aren't very sore, which is weird because usually they are horribly sore before af. I am usually fairly regular. I suppose it could just be skipping ahead on me, but it seems strange..



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