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Pam - April 11

How many weeks were when you found out you were pregnant? And how many pregnancy test did you take before you got the BFP? Please I need your reply?:.)))


L - April 11

I was 4 week exactly. We were trying so I tested 4 days before af. Got a REALLY faint positive so I tested the next day because I thought maybe I was seeing things & got another faint positive. I tested the next day & got a faint, but definite positive & then the day af was due I got a definite positive. So 4 times all together.. & at 7 weeks, it still hasn't sunk in...


Rochelle - April 11

i just found out last wednesday i was pregnant, my lmp was jan 16/05, and i took 9 sensitive hpt's in late feb and through march and they were all negative, i was not trying to become pregnant and have pcos , so i have irregular periods to begin with but i had signs of pregnancy, so that is why i took the hpt's. finally went to the doc to get provera to induce my period and she needed me to take urine test before she gave me provera and it was postive and then she did a pelvic exam and siad i was already over 2 months, so go figure, and also i was jusst at that same doctor's for visit in ealry march and she did a urine test and pelvic exam and said i was not pregnant and i needed to go heve blood tests for pcos, and it turns out i haave pcos and i am pregnant, and i have u/s on this thursday to see exactly how far a long i am , i have no morning sickness either its real weird, so do not always believe the hpt's , i guess sometimes it takes women longer to register on a urine test and i heard some women never get a postive, so listen to your body, good luck


Ca__sie - April 11

I found out when I was 3 weeks pregnant (yes 3 weeks total!!) I took one pregnancy test. Clear Blue Easy Digital. Positive Result!!! I am now 7 weeks!


Pam - April 11

Well Congrats to you both. Thanks for responding so quickly. And I hope for an easy, healthy pregnancy..


M - April 11

I was four weeks when I found out I was pregnant. Sorry to ask but what's the "BFP"?


Pam - April 11

Well from what I heard the BFP means BIG FAT POSITIVE OR PREGNANCY.


Foxy - April 12

Found out at 5 weeks. Only did one test and got a very strong positive result.


D - April 12

I tested positive the day after AF was late... (well, I'm not very regular, so I averaged them out) that was 29 days after my LMP.


NM - April 12

I think I was 5 wks.


Mythili - April 12

I tested positive 4 after my period was due. My first test came back positive. In total i did about 4 tests and they all came back positive. I am now 9 weeks and 4 days.


Steph - April 12

I was 6 weeks when I found out. 2 positive tests!


RG - April 12

I found out when I was 6 weeks...I was late, but didn't think about it because being late was normal to me. We had been trying for a year and a half. I'm 9w4 days today! Amost to that 12 week mark! yipee! I took 1 pg test (from the Dollar Store) and got a quick definite positive on Sat, went to the doctor on Tuesday for a blood test and got a definite positive Wednesday. My husband wanted me to take another home PG test Tuesday night because he couldn't wait for the blood test to come back that next evening. Congrats to all!


~H~ - April 12

I was 5 weeks. Took 2 hpt's and 5 days later went to the doctor to be certain. Im now 8 weeks. :)


Heather - April 12

I tested 1 day after af was due. i'm 6 weeks now and have tested like 6 times cuz i still can't believe it.


Wendy - April 17

I tested two days before missed period. And got a ++++++. I was about 4 weeks.



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