To Dani Amp Others Due In December

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B - due dec 29th - May 5

Dani, how are you haven't posted in a while? I'm due December 29th, I would love to hear more about everyones daily/weekly experiences.


Jill - May 5

Due December 27th, I have been exhausted no energy at all, Nausea comes and goes through out the day, Can't eat much, Chest sore. Have an ultrasound on May 18 and very excited. This is my second child but there will be 51/2 years betwwen them. Anyone else have there kids spaced this far apart? All my friends had their kids close together just wondered what it is like when their is more space between them.


B - May 5

Jill, My son will be 4 when our baby is due. We were not planning to have that much space between kids, but we have had some miscarriages in between. I am thankful for the space between them. I think it is more realistic that we will be able to send our kids to college if they are not in at the same time. As far as the kids playing together and being "bestfriends", I think it is up to us as parents to make sure our kids have healthly relationships with each other. I also feel like there will be less compet_tion between the kids if they aren't born so close together. As you can read..I am just trying to be thankful for the situation I am in, I know that others have been really blessed with twins or other children born close together.


Jill - May 5

B, Thanks for your input, My son is very excited about the pregnancy and having a brother or sister, so that gives me encouragement. We started trying for this baby when my son was 18months old because he was 11 weeks premature and the dictor wanted my body to have time to heal so the risk wouldn't be as high with 2nd pregnancy. Well it is 31/2 years later and I feel truly blessed because I wasn't real sure that we would have another child do to PCOS. I actually look forward to having my son as my little helper. I think it is neat to be able to have him so involved.


Marivic - May 5

Hi Dani, Jill, B, I'm 8w6d, this is my 6th pregnancy. 4 daughters (youngest are twins), 2 m/c, now here I am. My daughters are 17, 15, twins are 14. I didn't plan to have anymore, but met "the one" and it feels great to be starting a family together (I'm 33, he's 41). My girls are pretty self-sufficient which is nice, but we now want 2 or 3 and Lord does that seem like a lot of work! Not complaining, but yah, it'll be weird to have a newborn and teenagers!


EAM - May 5

Hi ladies! I am due December 19. I had my first u/s yesterday to confirm due date and no other complications. I was not planning on this it was a bit of a shock. My husband and I have 1 daughter-she will be three in December. We were happy and content with only one. I hope excitement comes with this pregnancy too! Congrats to you all!


Ca__sie - May 5

I'm due Dec. 4th and doing pretty well. I'm less queasy than I was a week ago, but I shouldn't speak too soon! Sometimes I have a slight pain on one side of my pelvic region or another. I'm always hungry and could sleep the day away. I'm very happy about this baby, but nervous as well. I know I will become more confident as time goes on.


B - due dec 29th - May 7

To Jill, Marivic, EAM, & Ca__sie -Today was my first day of nausea...yuck. Just a nagging yuck feeling. Not as bad with my first. Has anyone else had headaches? I seem to have less patience with my sweet husband and my three year old.


Dani - May 7

B, how are you? I'm feeling pretty good so far. My bbs are extremely sore and I'm eating enough for a whole football I will be six weeks in 2 more days. How many weeks are you?


KC(Casey) - May 7

i'm due December 2,so far I have been really exhausted no energy at all,Nausea has been really bad I can't eat much my chist is sore but I am very happy the Baby.


B - 6 weeks 3 days - May 7

Hey Dani your back. I have been hungry all day (except for breakfast). I eat breakfast just to avoid the nausea. I have no energy for even the slightest of projects. (ie. cooking a new dinner recipe, filing papers, making the name no energy.) I wash dishes and do laundry just to keep my sanity.


To Marivic, Ca__sie, KC - May 7

Tell us exactly when your nausea is over. Since you all are ahead of us by a few weeks. (B, Dani, Jill, EAM) Then we can have something to look forward to.


Ca__sie - May 7

Well, my nausea isn't as bad as it was from 6-8 weeks, but now at 10 weeks it still comes around now and then. Hopefully in a few weeks, it will be over and I'll have more energy too. I know what you mean about eating a lot. I've gained 7 lbs already!!


Dani - May 8

I'm actually feeling pretty good...surprisingly. The only change I notice is that I'm going to bed a lot earlier, but hasn't affected my daily routine, yet??? I'm eating a lot as usual. But will keep you ladies posted when I start to feel nauseaus, etc.....Btw, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL YOU GIRLS!!!!!!!


B - May 9

I'm just curious, who all is working and who is staying home during pregnancy & after?


YellowBear - May 9

Hi all Expectant ladies Firstly happy mothers day!! Secondly i found out that i'm not actually 7 weeks pregnant but i'm actually 8 weeks 4 days. YIPPEEE!! i'm feeling great - all the nausea is gone.!! (thank God) and i also think seeing my baby for the first time on the u/s and seeing his/her heartbeat made me feel that much better. Hope y'all are doing as well as i am. God Bless


Jill - May 9

B, I am staying home. I have been a stay at home mom for 5 years now with my son and i plan on staying home with this baby too.



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