To Dani Amp Others Due In December

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Jill - May 9

B, I am staying home. I have been a stay at home mom for 5 years now with my son and i plan on staying home with this baby too.


Meredith - May 9

I am due Dec 27th and this is my second pregnancy. Has anyone else noticed that with second or more pregnancies that you show sooner. I know with my daughter, who is now 6 I was like 4 months before my pants got too tight, this time around I am two months and things are already changing. Just curious!! Thanks!


Jill - May 9

Meredith, I am also due December 27th I know exactly what you are talking about this is my second pregnancy I have a 5 year old and I was into second trimester before needing maternity clothes and this time my clothes are already getting tight.


Lisa - May 9

Hi everyone, my baby is due on December 15th. I am working full time right now as a Floral Manager. I have no energy, very tired especially in the afternoons and I go to bed at like 9:30 insted of 12:00. No morning sickness though which is great!


Dani - May 9

I will be working, unfortuanetly! But my boss is amazing and I've been working for him for 8 yrs. now, so he will be very accommodating during these next 9 months. I'm very lucky to have a boos like him.


Kathy - May 9

I all I'm due Dec 19th with my second my son is 4 he will be 5 in November. I haven't told my boss yet a little scared to do so. I work at a police dept and kinda intimadating tell the chief of police your preggo.. oh well I know I am worrying over nothing..Has anyone gained weight yet?


B - May 9

I'm staying home too. A lot of us have about the same space between kids. Has anyone had an US so far? As far as weight is concerned, I think I have gained 2 pounds. I had a miscarriage in January and never really lost the weight from that pregnancy. So I started this pregnancy off at my all time non-preggo weight. Isn't that lovely!


B - May 9

How much did everyone gain with their first? Be honest, no one will tell.


Monica - May 9

Hi all, my due date is Dec 28. My b___bs are sore, I'm really tired all of the time, I have had some pretty bad headaches, and I feel like my stomach is growing or changing a little already. I heard the headaches can be from a pregnant womens eyesight worsening causing headaches....anyone else heard this


Kathy - May 9

I gained 30 with my first.. which is pretty normal. I went to the doctor today I have gained 7 lbs ( oh my gosh) and I so don't get it. I have been eating less than I did before I was preggo because I am nausous all the time. Who feels like eating when you feel like your gonna puke. My doctor said not to worry about it that it's not uncommon to gain faster with your second. How do you not worry about that?


Gina Due Dec. 27th too - May 9

Unfortunately< I teach art in High School in an inner city. I worry everyday someone will bash into me or something since I have been hurt before by students. I wish I could stay home. June 16th is my last school day! YAYYYY I also am in bed earlier. Party animal/party starter before! My friends are trying to get used to it. I am crabbier also. My students tell me GOD I hate pregnant teachers! I have gained 5 pounds but look like I gained 20. I dont get it. I have not had a baby in 13 yrs. When I feel sick, it means I need to eat and then the nausea goes away. I am also interviewing for new schools and feel a bit deceitful. I cant tell them I am preggo!


Kathy - May 9

To Gina- You do what you have to do don't feel bad.. They can't not hire you because you are preggo that is soooo illegal. I work full time but my husband owns his own business so one of us is always home with our son. We don't get to see each other has offten as we would like but you do what you have to do!! Hopefully in a year or two he will have his business built enough were if I want to stay home I can. Good luck with the interviews


Pennie - May 10

Hi, I am due Dec This is the second baby (lost the 1st at 5 1/2 months). I never showed w/the 1st but this one I already am- but everyone says that is normal. I finally got my Doc. yesterday to give me something b/c I have all day sickness w/the throwing up and whole 10 yards. They gave my Zofran- which is a life saver : ) To b.- I have had an ultra sound at 5 1/2 weeks- just a little sac and a yolk- still happy to see it : ) I have another US on Monday! Hoping to see my new little heart beat! Best of luck to you all!


To Pennie - May 10

You miscarried at 5 1/2 months ??? Did they say why ? Did you have complications ? I thought i could finally relax and enjoy my pregnancy when i was past the first trimester !! I am so anxious and paranoid, and I just dont want to have gone thru all this for nothing ! I am 10 weeks right now and was just sooo looking forward to getting thru the next 3 weeks !!


Yolanda - May 11

Hi, my name is Yolanda and I'm due December 22. Lets talk! Now I'm dealing with morning sickness and sore b___st, especially at night. I seem to have to snack all day in order to feel somewhat decent.


Ca__sie - May 11

Pennie, miscarriages can happen at any time, but try not to worry about it. Worrying won't help, and it is true that once you get pa__sed the first trimester, you're chances of having a successful pregnancy go way up. Just try to enjoy your time being pregnant (if that is possible). :-) As far as gaining weight goes, I'm about 9 1/2 weeks right now. I've gained at least 6 pounds so far. I'm trying not to put it on so fast, but I'm so hungry all the time. Mmmm.... turkey sandwich and pickles....



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