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Ca__sie - May 11

Pennie, miscarriages can happen at any time, but try not to worry about it. Worrying won't help, and it is true that once you get pa__sed the first trimester, you're chances of having a successful pregnancy go way up. Just try to enjoy your time being pregnant (if that is possible). :-) As far as gaining weight goes, I'm about 9 1/2 weeks right now. I've gained at least 6 pounds so far. I'm trying not to put it on so fast, but I'm so hungry all the time. Mmmm.... turkey sandwich and pickles....


Pennie - May 11

I am sorry I didn't mean to scare you- I had an incompetent cervix. Its very rare in pregnancys and if you have already had one baby to term you should have no fear of having it at all. I just have to get st_tched shut now after 10 weeks. You can relax and enjoy your pregnancy- the 1st trimester count down is almost over! : ) Good luck to you and your baby and congradulations : )


Jo - May 11

Hi, I'm due on Dec 24th. This will be my 4th baby. My oldest is 6, then 4, then 2. All girls. I hope for my husbands sake this one is a boy. This will be my last child. Tubes will be tied after this one. Hope everyone is doing well.


Tee - May 19

Hello everyone, I'm due December 15th. I have an 18 year old and this is my second child. I am very nervous because of my age(37) and fibroids. Anybody experience fibroids and pregnancy?


To Tee - May 19

What are fibroids?B


Bree - May 20

Tee, Hello! I just had to say hello. I, too, have an 18 yr old (& a 13 yr old) and am 36. I am due Dec. 22nd, but will have my first exam next tuesday so I'm a nervous wreck until a Dr. confirms everything seems normal. It really does feel like I'm starting over - it's been oh so long! Sorry I don't know about fibroids - do you have them? Keep in touch. Bree


Adri - May 21

I'm due Dec. 13 and scared to death. I just want to get over that 12 week mark already so I can relax a bit! I'm sick as a dog every day and have no desire to do anything. I think my hubby is getting a bit frustrated. Any advice?


TCM - May 21

Hello. I am due on Dec 19th with my first Also very nervous about getting to 13 weeks. Only have my first scan in 2 weeks time .. cant wait to see that all is well. I am VERY tired all the time! Starting to worry now about telling work ...


B - May 22

I guess we are all waiting for week 13. To Adri, my nausea ended at week 13 with my first. So tell your husband to hang in there. I remember my husband said that he couldn't take it anymore. He was so frustrated with the whole morning/all day sickness. He finally advised me to call a friend b/c he didn't have anything more to give. I think sometimes it can be pretty hard on them (DH) too. My nausea has been terrible this time around. I seem to feel better after I eat a really good meal and when I get out and socialize. It also helps me to sip on ice water all day.



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