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Dani - May 18

Hi Jessie, I noticed you posted recently on a thread that I started (December 2005 due dates) and your symptoms are the exact same as mine. You get restless at night, can't get a good night's sleep, hubby moves and you wake up, etc....I'm so glad I'm not in this alone. I feel like I've lost hours of sleep and I hate that feeling. I'm so jealous of other women who are sleeping all day long, all night. I wish I could sleep more. Would love to hear more about your pregnancy. How many weeks are you? I'm 7 weeks/ 3 days. Hope to hear from you soon.....


Jessie - May 18

My doctor at this point is rather confused about how far I am. I got pg on the pill. According to my last pd March 20 I am @ 8w. But at the exam she thought only 6. I told my Doc I wasn't even going to gtake a test b/c missing a period is a common thing. But I couldn't figure out why my bbs got bigger. So when I took a hpt I was in shock to see a +. So I took one more to be sure now here I am.I have my first u/s Mon and that will give me an idea of how far along I really am. I'm glad to have found a person who understands what my body is going through. I love my husband dearly and he tries to understand but he has no idea what to say to help me feel better. Are you having any problms not being hungry? All my fav. foods don't taste good anymore. Hope to talk to you soon.......


Jessie - May 18

I forgot to ask where are you from? I live in Harford County Maryland


Dani - May 18

My appet_te latley has been going in waves, where I feel really hungry and than at times I'm not that hungry. My bbs are super sore, appet_tes increased and I think I'm already showing. I'm not in the mood for veggies / fruit, though. I know when your preggo you should be eating healthier, but those types of foods grose me out. I used to love healthy food, but not Are you eating really healthy? And for your sleeping patterns are you averaging 6-7 hrs of sleep a night or less or more? I'm constantly interrupted w/ having to pee, hubby snoring, being extremely hot at night or just can't get comfortable. I'm from So. California. I wish you were closer....


Jessie - May 19

I know how you feel about going to the bathroom I get up at 2am and 6am on the dot. I only get @ 6 good hours of sleep a night. I also am too hot then too cold. I have alot of cravings for veggies but can't stomach meat. But I need the protien so I have to force my self to eat it. My best friend lives in Orange Co. Were you and your husband trying to get pg? How did you tell him you were pg?I told mine I was late and both hpt tests were +. He just stared at me like I had three heads. Now he talks to my tummy.


dani - May 19

Jessie, I seem to wake up at the same times too. I can't seem to get comfortable with the temperature in the house. Either I'm too hot or too cold...don't ya just hate it! Yes, my hubby & I were trying and we conceived the first time....I was very surprised. I thought it would take longer than that. I told the hubby the minute I felt preggo. I actually found out through a home pregnancy test 7 days before my expected af. So that was kinda nice. How many weeks are you?


Jessie - May 21

I'm glad you feel preggo I am starting to feel "diffrent". I'm not sure how many weeks I go Monday to find out for sure. Because I was on the pill she doesn't know when I got pregnant. She says 6-8 weeks. I think I'm @ 7. I have started to get a little pouch.



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