To Tell Or Not To Tell Ladies

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sugar - January 10

I'm 7 weeks and 2 days. Yay!! Anyway i'm just wondering how many people you all have told. I know they say you should wait till 12 weeks. I have told my family and a handfull of friends and these friends keep drumming it in on how i should wait till 12 weeks to tell anyone. One even told me off for going and browsing the baby shops. Honestly it's putting fear in me and killing my buzz. So who have you all told and do you feel like you should wait or not. Have you looked in the shops?? xxxxx


gabbysally - January 10

oh please, tell whoever you want! I found out I was pregnant when i was 8 weeks and told everyone! the only reason they tell you to keep quiet is so that you don't have to explain to everyone if something goes wrong, but I"m not like that! If something goes wrong I'd want people to know so they can help me get through it! just my thoughts :)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 10

It is all up to you, the way I look at it...the happier you are, the happier your baby will be. I'm waiting til I am 12 weeks though. I have a 4 month old daughter already and being 19 (I was married before my daughter was conceived) but telling my Mom is the hardest part. Even though I don't live with her, my husband supports me I just can't tell her. Not to mention if I was to miscarry (which my fingers are crossed and can't wait til week 12) I don't want anyone to know. Last time my brother took it hard and cried for days. So I won'tdo that to him again


lauralockwood - January 10

I am a person that can't keep it inside, I have to tell the people that I immediately work with. I mean they are going to hear anyway. I told close family members and management at my work (for all of the time that I had to be out for appts) I don't understand why people say "Don't tell alot of people until you are out of the woods" Well 1st of all I am a social person, and if I am excited, I want everyone to know why. I just can't keep something like that in, it would make me explode! ha ha! Anyway, you do what you want to do.


boodahbaby - January 10

Well, I am 10wks2d and I have pretty much told anybody I come in face to face contact with (friends and family not strangers :) Also of course have called my 3 best friends that live in other places! I haven't told my 2 really good guy friends yet though! Neither of them are married or have children!?! I know they will be exicted, but I'll wait a little bit longer. I am very fortunate to work out of my house! I travel locally for work and dont really see anybody I work with but maybe twice a month, so I haven't told anyone except a girlfriend who works with me. She has known me for while and knows how long I have been ttc! Funny though, the day I did my HPT we had our monthly meeting after a fantastic month for the division... a Monday morning meeting and my boss pulls out champagne and OJ to celebrate! What's the freakin' chances of that? I was so congested that I told him I would just have OJ bc I was sick! Once Im starting to show I will call my supervisor and tell her mainly bc we will have to talk about what we can do for my schedule after the baby is born! So I say tell whoever you want! Heaven forbid something does go wrong, you want those special people in your life to help you through the tough times just as much as you want them to be with you through the fun times! I am so fortunate to have so many great friends who are so excited for me that it's hard not to tell everyone! One more cute thing... by the time my baby is born this will be the 4th grandchild between my bro and I (my first), but my parents have been going through the 4 years of ttc with me and know how special this is... when my dad and I hang up the phone now he says, love you boo (my nickname since I was born) and tell that baby to hold on tight! I tear up every time I get off the phone with him! He plays guitar and sings songs to the baby about meeting baby one day real soon! He's the best dad and he always makes me feel like everything is going to be OK! I can only hope that everyone has somebody like that in their lives!


SaraSki - January 10

Well I am hesitant to tell too many people. I am pretty scared of losing the baby and I think having to relive the pain by telling people several times over would just be too much for me. So, I am waiting till week 12, but it's difficult!


FrancesM - January 10

I have told some family and a few friends too but I am waiting to tell everyone until after my first trimester scan when I will be 12 weeks. I had a m/c over the summer and we had told everyone and it was so hard to deal with that and then everyone else because they had to grieve for me too. Do it when you feel ready. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 9 months!!


ShoppingForTwo - January 10

It kinda bothers me that people say 12 weeks. Like 12 is a magic number or something. Miscarriage happens all the way until 20 weeks and the if God forbid something happens after 20 weeks it is called a stillborn, etc. Women have miscarriages at 13, 14, 15, 16 weeks etc. The number 12 means nothing to me. % of miscarriage goes down, but it NEVER completely disappears. That's just my personal take on things. With my daughter we told everyone right away, we ended up losing her at 24 weeks. This pregnancy I've only told my support group and you guys and will continue to keep it asecret until 24 weeks or more. Whenever this belly is too big to hide. My co workers have no idea, neighboors, nobody. I'm 15w1d and don't look pregnant so I don't have to hide anything physical just yet. But the choice is up to the person. I'd say that if you haven't had a loss then tell when ever you want to. Don't let the 12 week rule sway you. Would it suck to finally announce it at 12 weeks then miscarry at 13 weeks? (God forbid) that's just why I think that ruleis stupid.


mjvdec01 - January 10

Tell who ever you want, when you want. I told everyone the day I got my BFP.


FrancesM - January 11

I have heard Dr's even say 12 weeks is the "safe zone". I know people that have losses past that. I found out I had my loss at the first trimester scan last time and that is why I was waiting until after it this time. Heck if I could get thru the whole pg without telling just to be in the "safe" side I would! We have a very close knit family and my husbands niece is already asking about me due to my breakout on my face...I won't be able to keep it a secret much longer. If the big scan was 15, 20 even, 30 weeks, I would still choose to wait until then. It is everyones personal choice and we are all just giving opinions. If you feel ready to tell, go for it!



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