To Those With Kids Already Child Passing Out

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alape052105 - January 3

My 18 month old dd was playing with my nephew and fell off the bed last night. No one saw her fall so we dont know if she hit her head she had no marks or anything on her anywhere. My mom picked her up right away and she was screaming and then did the kid thing and started holding her breath from crying. Then she passed out. She was out about 20seconds she came to and went out again then came right back. We called the squad and took her to the hospital and they said she was fine did xrays of her head and there was nothing on them. I have heard that a child can pass out from crying and then holding their breath. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this and if so is it a reacurring thing for the child? ?


preggosauce - January 3

Hey! When My sister and I were younger she used to do that allll the time. Whenever she got hurt she would start to know, that opened mouth cry where nothing is comming out? My mom would have to tell her "BREATHE BREATHE" well, she would still end up pa__sing out. I can remember a handfull of times when this happened. I don't know if its common or not, but It was in our household. I've even noticed my 15 month old will start to cry and hold her breath, people start to freak out and say she's not breathing. I don't even blink and eye because I saw my sister do this so many times. Though, my daughter hasn't pa__sed out yet. Its just they get so upset that there body has to pa__s out so they can start breathing normally again. So, it SOUNDS like nothing to worry about....


JudithLayne - January 3

ive heard from actual doctors that this normal. they call it "holding breath fits" its very common tho very scary i know..hope this helps..


ekay03 - January 4

My son did that at almost the exact same age as your daughter. We were in a store and he wanted a stuffed horse, and when I said no and we started walking off he started crying so hard that he pa__sed out. I freaked out just the same, did the whole ambulance, er thing and he was fine. Come to find out all my kids do it, so if they start to get really upset and look like they might pa__s out I just lightly b__w in their mouths.


AngelinLuv - January 5

I'm a teacher in daycare and we have 2 or 3 kids with this issue. When they start to hold their breath, we've been instructed to b__w somewhat forcefully into their face. It almost ALWAYS works. Blowing lightly never worked, it always has to be done somewhat forcefully. But eventually if you can't get them to breathe, pa__sing out is natural. My boss's son took a fall and hit his head around the same age as your daughter and developed sleep apnea afterwards. Keep a close eye and goodluck!


mrsarcii - January 5

my sister used to do that all the time when she was about the same age until she was two. she would just throw a fit and turn blue until she pa__sed out. my parents were scared too at first, and then they realized what was going on and started walking away when she did that and it stopped shortly after!! (not that your child was/wasn't having a fit, but like i said, i have seen it!!)



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