Too Early To Be Showing Twins

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llukenjess - February 4

i am 7 weeks today and my belly has a pouch already....and i CAN'T suck it in!! LOL twins maybe?? comments?


llukenjess - February 5

I am just so bloated that it looks like i am 6 months this normal??


llukenjess - February 5

No one??


gabbysally - February 6

same thing happened ( is still happening) to me. at about 8 weeks I had a little bump which I couldn't suck in anymore - sure that was bloating. now at 14 weeks I have a bigger bump and most people I know at my stage arn't showing yet. I was convinced it was twins, but no (thank god). everyone is different. of course you might have twins - I guess you'll find out when you go to the doctor!


newlywed0915 - February 6

you always get the preggo bloat in the first trimester....usually you won't really "pop" until 15-17 weeks. I'm 19 weeks and only just "popped" a week or so ago. But I bought maternity jeans the 7th week of my pregnancy because I had that bloat belly. Lol.


Sandy81 - February 7

Have you guys heard/read why exactly there is so much bloat early on?


Sandy81 - February 7

bump. i am really interested in knowing why early pregnancy= a lot of bloat.


billsgirl - February 7

you get bloated because your body is producing ma__s quant_ties of progesstrogen (sp?) like when you are getting af, but more more of it.


mjvdec01 - February 7

You retain a lot of water when you get pregnant, even early on. With my first I was in maternity clothes at 8 weeks and with this pregnancy at 6 weeks. I am not a big person I just got so bloated that my regular pants and jeans were very uncomfortable and tight.


Jill.T. - February 8

I have a little bulge but bloated all the time, some days it looks like i'm 5months preg. The doc thinks i'm prego with twins. Say two sacs, two early for heartbeat he said


anjie702 - February 9

Well I dont know about that one my ob isnt sure if he saw two or not the baby we did see wouldnt get into a position for him to check all the way so i guess i will know for sure on the 25th.


llukenjess - February 12

I am still waiting for my u/s next week...i can't wait to find out if i'm having twins or not! I just have that weird 6 sense that it know what i mean??


carmendanielle - February 13

I am the same and am 7 weeks along. This is my second pregnancy though, so maybe that makes a difference. I'm pretty sure it's just bloating, but when I was pregnant last time i would be noticeably bigger in the evening, and now it seem like I am noticeably big all the time! Are you quite thin to begin with? Cuz I'm sure that plays into it.


Shannon33 - February 14

It's probably mostly bloating but I always show kinda early. I'm always bigger in the evening. I'm about 5 and 1/2 weeks.



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