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aa - August 25

hi everyone, I just wanted to know how much fish is too bad for you. About 2 weeks ago my husband bought home a type of fish called King Fish - and I had a good one serving of it...I was doing some general reseach on this and found out that this fish has one of the highest mercury levels!!! I only had one piece but it was rather large...I just wanted to know does anyone know did I consume too much that it would harm my fetus (since then I've not eaten any)...any thoughts please? Also 2 and a half months back I got the Rubella Vacination does this also have mercury in it?


Camilla - August 25

Hey aa. I don't think one helping of fish is going to do you any harm. Some fish is good for you. It's just that you should not consume it several times a week, or you might get too much mercury. I'm not sure what the limit is. There's probably some info online somewhere, maybe search on google? But I'm sure your one meal didn't do any harm at all. As to the vaccination, I am only guessing it doesn't have it in it, but I would ask at the place where you had it done. Good luck to you..


Angela - August 25

What's done is done, but DEFINITELY do not eat King Mackerel while you are pregnant. It does have a lot of mercury which is not something you want to ingest while pregnant (as it is one of the most dangerous neuro toxins and can cause birth defects and has been linked to autism). One serving, like Camilla said, is unlikely to cause you great harm. But don't eat any swordfish or mackerel or shark and also very little tuna. I would recommend no tuna while pregnant even though the FDA says you can have up to 6 oz. a week (many dispute that this level is safe for fetuses). I work on this issue, so I do know something about it :) Re: your vacine, it may not have mercury in it. You could contact your doctor's office, however, to put your mind at ease.


Angela - August 25

By the way, are you sure the fish your husband bought wasn't Wild King Salmon? If so, that's not problem to eat at all while you are pregnant. It's a wild fish (not farmed) from Alaska and generally has much lower levels of mercury.


aa - August 25

Hi Gals...thanks so much for writing back...I was stressing so much out about this!! you certainly have put me at ease...i think i only had about 3-4 ounces...I checked on the mercury calculator one said i was under the limit and the other said i was way that 's why i panicked!! Angela - I'm pretty sure DH got the king fish aka King Makerel. About the Rubella Vacination - that was something I was concerned about as well...I know they don't have it in the actual vacination but some shots are mercury based (hence the whole theory about autism) and now I'm even contemplating b___st feeding - which would just pa__s on the mercury to the baby...I'm not going to eat any more fish! but thanks a bunch ladies :)


CINDY - August 25

Hi there, I don't know about the mercury in fish but I have read up on the rubella vac. It is reccommended that women of child bearing age get this shot (I did not and am now suseptible to it). As long as you recieved the shot at least 1 month before you concieved you should be fine. They recommend that you not ttc for 1 month after the shot. Good luck to you.


aa - August 25

Hi Cindy! Thanks for your reply! My story is quite long.. I had a MC in Feb waited my 3 months before TTC had a full physical and all - the DR took my blood test and found out that i had not been immuned to Rubella (or it wore off) so I got revaccinated - that was a whole issue on it's own...I was worried that b/c i would get the vacination it would affect the featus b/c of the mercury levels ... so i waited for 2 1/2 months and (think I'm preg about 4 weeks now) now the whole fish thing! I know i'm a paranoid! but i can't help thinking about it! But thanks so much for your response


angela - August 25

aa - i know it's easy to stress - there are so many chemicals in our environment that are risky for us and we just don't realize it until we're pregant! I am mad because my dentist didn't ask if I was pregnant when I had 2 amalgm (mercury) fillings removed and then later I read that you should never have them removed while pregnant because you inhale a lot of mercury vapor during the process of drilling them out. ERGH! Well, the only thing I can do is relax and try not to let it bother me now because I can't do anything about it.


Marty - August 26

Same thing happened to me Angela, only she (dentist) asked about halfway through the process. At the time I didn't know I was pregnant, so I wasn't worried. But you are right, there's nothing we can do about it now.


aa - August 26

Hi Angela, Thanks so much...My Dr's on vacation she'll be back on Monday - I feel so weird asking for her to check my mercury levels but I really want her to - I guess she can just check the platelets and would get a count on them....I was planning on going to the Dentist as well (for routine work) but I'll be sure to let him know that I am ! It's just that I was reading that at about 4-5 weeks that's when the neuro tube gets developed which is part of the spine and it kind of freaked me out! But yes you are right what's done is done I just hope and pray that everything is going to be alright! Seriously girls thanks for your help and support :)


need em - August 26

look all i want to know is can i eat my freakin sushi philadelphia (with raw? salmon and cream cheese) rolls or what cause i cant live without them, especially now cause i want to eat that i want when i want!!! lol


to need em - August 26

do whatever you want! it's not a joke


Cathy - August 26

You should NOT eat sushi


info - August 26

Raw fish, such as sushi, probably should be avoided during pregnancy, since a few people have eaten raw fish that contains parasites and developed hepat_tis A. The chances are minimal, but why take the risk? You can still have some types of sushi -- just enjoy selections that use cooked fish


need em - August 26

thanks info- and god! please lighten up whoever got all offended, obviously i would never hurt my baby, i just really didnt know especially since the amount of fish in sushi in minimal! by the way- i talked to to the sushi chef at my local supermarket and the salmon is cooked-just chilled and is perfectly safe to eat (pregnant or not) to anyone else who may be curious.


angela - August 29

aa - I wouldn't necessarily recommend having your doctor check your blood mercury levels, because it doesn't linger in your blood for very long (only a day or so after the exposure). It does acc_mlate in your tissue (and hair) and if you really are curious you can do a hair a___lysis which is a more accurate gauge. I think Greenpeace actually administers one for only $20 (you order it online and they send you the kit, you then have to cut hair samples and send back). It's kind of a pain, but would be more accurate I think than a blood test. Her's the link:


aa - August 30

hi angela! thanks for that bit of info. So if it doesn't linger that long in my blood for very long why is it that i read in some places that if you have high levels of mercury it take about 60 days for the levels to drop? Is it because it's still in the tissue and hair...also would you have any idea if it would affect the featus if it's still in my tissue and hair? Sorry not to be a pain but you seem quite well versed in this area. Thanks :)



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