Too Much Iron

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worried - May 11

I'm 34 and 7 weeks pregnant with my first. I haven't gotten in to see the Doc yet (I couldn't get in until June 7). I started some prenatal vitamins which have 1mg of Folic Acid and 60mg of Iron. Is that too much Iron? What are the consequences if any to the baby and me, if I get too much iron? Really confused - can't find any information on this.


Davida - May 12

Too much iron might make you constipated. Not sure what affect it would have on the baby. If your MD told you to take a prenantal I would call and ask....


To Davida - May 16

Thank you for your comment, I will talk to my Doc about it


michele - May 16

I am 33 and 7 weeks pregnant and dont see my doctor for 3 more weeks. They called in an RX for a prenatal. The recommended iron amount in a prenatal vitamin I have read is 30 mg. Go to WEbMD website and under pregnancy they list the "normal" formulas which should be found in prenatal vitamins. Good luck! M


Claire - May 16

I think you should take 30mg unless you are anaemic then you take 60mg. Too much iron can cause as many problems as too little.


Kathy - May 16

I was told preggo women need 80 mg a day I will double check that when I am home I have a sheet from my doctors with what you should be getting on it.


Lisa - May 16

We are on the same track... I am 35, about 6 weeks... not sure exactly and my appointment isn't until June. Anyhow, I just found a Prenatal Vitamin at the store and was told by Kaiser not to take extra stuff like extra calcium pills. I am suppose to get nutrients from foods. Kaiser recommended the book "what to expect when you are expecting". I'm going to buy it tonight, the nurse said EVERYTHING is in there about what to do, what not to do, what to eat, how to exercise....


worried - May 17

Thank you all for your comments. I spoke to my doc yesterday and he said that the vitamins I'm taking are fine and that 60mg is not too much. Good to know!



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